Donation and Recycling Policy

Our Commitment to Donating and Recycling
The Help Desk tries to donate or recycle all used computers, whether they work or not. (We hope to avoid trashing any computers or parts at all.) We are committed to helping non-profit organizations and disposing of unusable parts in an environmentally sound manner.

The ITSS Help Desk’s first priority is to donate any and all used computers to non-profit organizations, prioritizing educational institutions above other non-profits.

If we cannot find a non-profit institution to which to donate our computers, or if a computer or components aren’t functioning, we will give systems to organizations or companies committed to repairing, selling or responsibly recycling/disposing computer components.

Other Computer Recycling
Due to the limited available space to store these systems this will occur once per year between June and August. If there is a need to dispose of these systems in between this time, the Helpdesk can refer you to the Surplus vendor that we use. Individuals should bring old computer equipment to the Help Desk for donation or recycling during the specified window of time.

Our Donation and Recycling Priorities:

  1. Donation to non-profit educational institutions
  2. Donation to other non-profit organizations
  3. Gift to for-profit organizations or companies committed to environmentally sound recycling or disposal