File Backup

1) Your My Network Drive should be your primary network storage location; this location is secure and it is backed up monthly.

2) Backups occur nightly for all database systems and monthly for file and email systems. Therefore if a file is created and then deleted accidentally on the same day backups have run it is not recoverable because it was never written to backup media.

3) Mount Marty uses a backup system for the sole purpose of disaster recovery and is not intended for single file or folder accidental purges. also all employees, faculty and students are responsible to backup there own personal data prior to bringing in their laptop or computer to the ITSS helpdesk for service imaging or repair. 

4) The following are the ITS policies for the timeframe in which you can expect your deleted file's) to be restored:

  • Two weeks or newer: at least one hour, at most 48 hours
  • Less than one month: at least six hours, at most ten days

5) Due to resource limitations and circumstances that are impossible to predict, you can expect average restore times as follows:

  • Two weeks or newer: approximately four hours
  • Less than one month old, older than three weeks: approximately three business days

Mount Marty will make reasonable efforts to provide access to backed up computer files; however, the College makes no implied guarantee that access to backed up computer files will always be available.