The Best way to learn how to use Moodle is to just use it. However here are some videos compliments of the moodle web site and Cornell

MOODLE for Students

Introduction to the MOODLE interface for new students. A new screencast (August 2007) for students. Covers the basics of the MOODLE interface and navigating in a course. 10m25s Flash Video

An Interactive screenshot of the MOODLE interface. Created with Articulate Engage.

Blogging in MOODLE | Adding blog entries and tags. An introduction to the blogging capabilities within MOODLE. 6m54s Flash Video | August 2007

A video (800x600) for new users of MOODLE. This covers the fundamentals of using MOODLE for someone new to online learning and/or MOODLE. 7m32s Flash Video

640x480 version of MOODLE for Learners

RSS, MOODLE and You (640x480) | An introduction to rss feeds and readers. How to subscribe to rss feeds in MOODLE forums and from other sites. 11m03s Flash Video

Embedding Images in Forum Posts and Replies (640x480) | This screencast covers the basics of embedding an image in a forum post. 6m03s Flash Video

MOODLE for Faculty

The Course Skeleton (800x600) | This covers the fundamentals of the course skeleton and how to add links to your new course. 9m23s Flash Video

640x480 version of The Course Skeleton

Who's Doing What, When - Introducing the reports feature in MOODLE | A video exploring the reporting features of MOODLE. This covers the basics of viewing and filtering reports in order to evaluate participation and course activity. September 2007 6m32s flash video

Simple Questions, Simple Answers - Creating a basic quiz in MOODLE | An introduction to creating a very basic quiz. 13m44s Flash Video

640x480 version of Simple Questions

Look Out Hollywood: Adding Video to a MOODLE Page (800x600) | Covers the basics of upload and embedding a video file in a web page within MOODLE. 3m29s Flash Video

Scales and Ratings in MOODLE Forums : How to use forums as tools for rating documents or evaluating materials. A quick overview of scales and how to create them. 5m40s Flash Video

Collaborate and Evaluate - The New Database Feature in MOODLE (640x480) | MOODLE's new Database activity provides a solid tool for collaboration and evaluation of images, documents and data. 9m42s Flash Video - Added May 22, 2006

Student and Instructors -2 Views into MOODLE | Instructors and Students view a course differently. What can you expect when making the transition from participant to Instructor? This short scrrencast compares these 2 views into a MOODLE course.