To support team collaboration with the growing spread of laptop computers, mobile devices,and wireless networks, Mount Marty College has implemented Tidebreak’s TeamSpot. TeamSpot will transform conference rooms, libraries, computer labs and group work areas — any place where teams gather — into highly interactive collaboration zones.

TeamSpot powers these zones with advanced team collaboration capabilities that address the needs of groups in their project work by:
• Supporting activity with group-appropriate tools
• Empowering team members to multi-task in real-time
• Helping increase performance and achieve goals

Click here for Installation Instructions

TeamSpot redirects user interaction – rather than just video – across computers and mobilizes digital information with drag-and-drop simplicity. With TeamSpot, groups can:
• Develop deliverables on a common screen by editing from laptops
• Easily move files between computers via drag and drop
• Copy and paste URLs, images, or text across computers
• Easily discover and share online materials and real-time data
• Automatically create an archive of session information
• Easily “push” a user’s computer desktop to the common screen, without using video cables
• Work on parallel tasks and then rapidly integrate the results into a single seamless document

You’ll find 5 TeamSpot collaboration zones around the Mount Marty College locations. Use them, experiment with them, and see how limitless the technology can be.