Account Guidelines

Account Deactivation
All network and email accounts are eventually either disabled or purged from the system when an employee or student is no longer associated with or is attending classes at Mount Marty.  Students who have graduated in the fall term accounts are disabled 30 days after the start of the next spring term. Students who have graduated in the spring term accounts are disabled 30 days after the start of the next fall term. Employee accounts are disabled on resignation, dismissal or an official leave even if the pay period can continue.  All employee account deactivations are coordinated thru the Human Resources department.

Server Space
Space on the campus file and mail servers is limited. Please manage the amount of data you store on these servers. Students are limited to 200 megabytes of personal file storage "My Network Drive” 50 megabytes of web space (My Webs”), and 100 megabytes of email (350 megabytes in all). Faculty Disk quotas are not limited but are monitored..

Please respect others in your postings. Politeness counts. It is also polite, and a Mount Marty policy, that no one operate bandwidth-intensive software (such as music-sharing programs) that interferes with others connecting to the network, except as part of course-related academic work. If abuse occurs your account will be disabled.

Remember that electronic behavior is governed by the same policies as other behavior. For example, you may not send chain letters, harassing messages, or “spam” (junk) email, and you may not email or post on the network unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials (i.e., do not copy .mp3 files or licensed programs to Temporary Storage). Acceptable use of web folders includes posting only non-commercial materials, respecting copyrights, and refraining from harassment. Please review the Mount Marty handbook.

ITSS Service Limits
Information Technology Support Services will help members of the Mount Marty and Sacred Heart Monastery community connect a personal computer to the Mount Marty network, but ITSS does not install, repair, or otherwise take responsibility for the hardware or software of any personal computers. We cannot, for example, install your wireless card for you.

Wireless Restrictions
Mount Marty owns the airspace on campus. Students are not allowed to broadcast their own wireless connections using hubs, access points, or any other wireless broadcast or other repeater devices.