HelpDesk Policies

Our Response Time
The Help Desk attempts to answer problem calls (anything which prevents basic operation of the computer, e.g., a bad monitor, computer virus, etc.) within 48 hours. We attempt to solve project tickets (e.g., installing new software, creating new accounts, etc.) within two weeks.

Answering Phones and Voicemail
During regular working hours, the Help Desk tries to answer all voicemail within two hours of your call.

New Accounts and How Long It Takes to Create Them
If you want an account created for yourself or a new staff or faculty member, please notify the Help Desk at least TWO WEEKS in advance. Though it normally does not take us two full weeks to create accounts, we ask for that time so we can test the account and, if necessary, help you set up the computer for it. The Human Resources department originates this request.

Palm Pilots and Support Limits
At present, the Help Desk only works on College-owned equipment and College-licensed (or purchased) software. That means that personally-owned peripherals (Palm Pilots, etc.) are not supported by the Help Desk. As always, we’ll do what we can to help, but our assistance will be limited. For more information about PDA support, and Click Here for our full support limits policy.

Fixing Personally-Owned Computers
While we do try to help home and student users connect to the Mount Marty network, we do not fix personally-owned computers, even if they are used for college work. If, however, you need help at home or in your dorm with connecting to or installing college-licensed software, feel free to call the Help Desk (668-1561), and we’ll do what we can over the phone. (We will not visit student dorm rooms unless it is absolutely necessary. Finally, if your personal computer requires further work, we have a list of students and associates to whom we can refer you who perform contracted (i.e., you need to pay them!) work on personal machines. To view this list online, please Click Here.

Changing Passwords
Except under unusual circumstances, the Help Desk will not change passwords over the phone nor will we ever email you your password or ask you to email us your password. Please come into Bede 116A with your ID card to have us help you change your password.

Please Call the Help Desk First!
If you have problems with or questions about your computer, please call, create a support ticket ,or email the Help Desk only, rather than any individual ITSS staff member. The Help Desk centralizes our response system so we can diagnose larger scale problems quickly. Additionally, by calling the Help Desk number, you’ll help us avoid duplicating someone else’s work. Thank you!

Access to Personal Files
If a department needs access to a former employee’s files (specifically his/her network drive), the Help Desk requires an email message from that employee’s supervisor confirming the request before we can make that data available. Also some circumstance require approval from the Human resources department to complete a security configuration such as this.  Correspondingly, we will not access another user’s network drive without specific permission from that user or the user’s supervisor.

Which Web Browsers Do We Support?
The Help Desk supports two primary web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Feel free to use any or all of them!