Honorary Degrees

Nominations sought for Honorary Degrees
Members of the College Community (Faculty and Staff) are invited to submit nominations for outstanding individuals who they believe are worthy of honorary degree consideration. Nominations will be reviewed by the Honorary Degree Committee and recommendations forwarded to the Office of the President for further review prior to seeking Board of Trustees approval.

Criteria for Awarding an Honorary Degree
In considering candidates for Mount Marty College honorary degrees, the Honorary Degree Committee will give prime consideration to those who have made significant contributions over an extended period of time in one or more of the following areas: Education, Government or Public Service, Ministry or Missions, Arts and Sciences, Academic Areas and Professions consistent with the Mission of Mount Marty College, or Service to Mount Marty College of a particularly meritorious nature.

Candidates shall ordinarily have a local, regional or national reputation for such contributions and must also demonstrate in her/his life the principles, purposes, and values to which Mount Marty College is committed.

Nomination Procedures
Nominations are to be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Office of the President and can be made by any member of the Mount Marty College Faculty or Staff. Since nomination does not automatically result in selection, we ask that the nominations be held in confidence until the selection process is completed. Nominations must be accompanied by factual information providing evidence indicating how the nominee's accomplishments address the Honorary Degree criteria. To be considered, the nomination packet must be submitted as a paper copy to the Office of the President. Please do not submit the materials electronically.

Nomination packets should include the following items
  1. A Cover letter from the nominator(s) introducing the nominee highlighting the significant contributions of the nominee as they relate to the criteria for awarding an honorary degree.
  2. A biographical sketch or dossier of the nominee providing factual information about the nominee along with notable accomplishments and achievements.

The nomination packets will be reviewed by the Honorary Degree Committee who will evaluate each packet in the context of the criteria for awarding the honorary degree. The Honorary Degree Committee will then communicate its recommendations to the President for final approval by the Executive Team and Board of Trustees at the October board meeting.

Below are all the recipients that have been given honorary degrees from Mount Marty College.
1976 Mother Jerome Schmitt   2006 Sister Marie Helene Werdel
1977 James Deam     Gary Williams
1979 Joseph Robbie     Sister Mary Arthur Schramm
1980 Raymond B. Dolan     Sister Virgil Koch
  Edgar Freeman   2007 Sister Marie Kranz
1981 Frank Yaggie     Dr. Anita Pampusch
1982 Frances Doom     Clark Redlinger
  Sister Wilma Lyle     Sister Matthew Wehri
1983 Henry Billion   2008 Sister Consuelo Chavez
1986 Sister Johnette Putnam     Hod Nielson
1987 Alfred M Gibbons   2009 Joan Burney
1992 Sister Rosaria Kranz     Sister Jane Klimisch
1996 Laddie E. Cimpl     Sister Jeanette Klimisch
1997 Sister Kathryn Easley   2010 Sister Ann Kessler
1998 Robert Karolevitz     Dr. Mary Moller
2003 Claire Sung Reiss   2012 Dr. Al Kurtenbach
2004 Wynn Speece   2013 Dr. Carrol Krause
2005 Sister Jacquelyn Ernster      
  Sister Evangeline Anderson      
  Sister Julia Hunhoff (posthumously)      
  Fr. Stan Maudlin, O.S.B