Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

BUS-125 | Introduction to Business | 3 credits
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the major business and accounting functional areas. Skills inventories will be administered to freshman business students to aid in matching their talents and interests with the appropriate accounting or business area.

BUS-215 | Business Communications | 3 credits
This course focuses on the improvement of writing skills to facilitate effective written communication in the workplace. Topics include purposes of written business communication; intensive review of the rules governing written communication; and the planning, organizing and editing of effective business letters, memos and reports.

BUS-225 | Principles of Marketing | 3 credits
In this course the student will examine the policies and problems concerned with the flow of goods and services to the consumer. This course includes the study of pricing, advertising, consumer behavior and the distribution of products.

BUS-231 | Principles of Management | 3 credits
Student will study the process of achieving results through efficient utilization of human and material resources. Analysis of managerial functions, planning, organizing, influencing and controlling are covered in this course.

BUS-255 | Macroeconomics | 3 credits
This course involves the study of the economy as a whole including national policy issues; government and business; national income analysis; monetary and fiscal policy.

BUS-256 | Microeconomics | 3 credits
This course involves the study of individual market interactions with a concentration on the efficient allocation of resources among firms, industries and consumers.

BUS-269 | Personal Finance | 3 credits
The student will study personal financial management as it applies to budgets, savings, credit, insurance and investments, including real estate fundamentals.

BUS-270 | Management Information Systems | 3 credits
This course provides an introduction to management information systems (MIS). The topics covered will include major MIS concepts, hardware configurations and common software applications that support enterprise data collection and information assessment across the functional areas of a business enterprise. The course will focus on the use of business information systems in addressing and solving operational, tactical and strategic issues.
Prerequisite: Take CIS-125

BUS-327 | Money and Banking | 3 credits
This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of the banking system and the interplay of the Government's regulatory environment and the banking industry. In addition, we will examine the Federal Reserve's monetary policies and Congress's fiscal policies and their respective impact on the banking system. We will also look at the day to day movements in financial markets and examine the international economic forces which impact banking.

BUS-333 | Advertising | 3 credits
In this course each student studies advertising from historical, economic, ethical, psychological and artistic perspectives. Every student plans, designs and creates print advertisements and advertising campaigns.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-225

BUS-335 | Human Resource Management | 3 credits
This course involves the study of principles of personnel administration and the responsibilities of the personnel function within an organization. Emphasis is placed on procurement, selection, training, supervision, job analysis and utilization of work forces.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-231

BUS-336 | International Business | 3 credits
Various aspects of traditional business theory will be covered from an international perspective. Topics will include the impact of the European Economic Community, international monetary systems and the impact of political and social changes.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-231

BUS-345 | Health Care Mgmt/Admin/Leadership | 3 credits
This course will provide an overview of the health care system in the United States. The course focuses on important issues in health care management such as ethics, cost management, strategic planning and marketing, information technology and human resources.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-231

BUS-357 | Bank Management | 3 credits
Bank Management is an in-depth study of banking institutions, with special emphasis on commercial banks and their connection to the Federal Reserve System. The course will look at risk management in the changing regulatory environment and the ever-changing financial environment.

BUS-370 | Corporate Finance | 3 credits
This course involves the study of procurement and utilization of funds for a business. Included is a study of securities, capital and income management and procedures for obtaining short, intermediate and long-term funds.
Prerequisite: Take ACC-121 and MTH-150 or MTH-219

BUS-372 | Legal Environment of Business | 3 credits
This course offers an introduction to law and to the legal aspects of common business transactions: contracts, agencies, personal property and bailments, sales and commercial paper.

BUS-380 | Entrepreneurship | 3 credits
This course provides an overview of small business entrepreneurship and reviews the process of establishing a small business. Students will cover opportunities, planning, start up, risk, financing, marketing and growth and will also prepare a formal business plan.

BUS-390 | Business Ethics/Community Service | 3 credits
The student will develop an awareness and understanding of ethics in a business setting. Each student will participate in a community service project through various agencies, service organizations or churches.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-231

BUS-412 | Production/Operations Management | 3 credits
An overview of the production and operation systems common to all types of business organizations is reviewed, including basic problems in the production of goods and services and modern strategies for planning and controlling operations.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-219

BUS-420 | Health Care Finance | 3 credits
This course will focus on an introduction to the financial management of health care organizations. Emphasis will be placed on health care reimbursement, financial analysis, financial statements, financial information and decision making and accounting/monetary control of the health care industry.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-150 and BUS-345

BUS-430 | Health Care Delivery Systems/Mgmt | 3 credits
Principles of law and United States legal system in the areas of health care management are applied through case studies. Legal issues include malpractice, contracts, corporate liability, professional liability, patient rights and the legal aspects of managed care.
Prerequisite: Take BUS-345

BUS-460 | Investments | 3 credits
The student will study typical financial intuitional investments in this course. In addition to equity and debt instruments, the student will further study real estate investments.

BUS-483 | Business Strategy | 3 credits
With this course the student will bring together all of the various theories and concepts learned in other business courses. Strategic management issues will be covered through the use of case studies, computer simulations and classroom discussion.

BUS-485 | Internship & Professional Development | 3 to 12 credits
Experience will be gained by the student in business fields on a part-time or full-time basis. Opportunities are available in banking, retail and manufacturing. A total of 150 hours is required for three credits. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only. Prerequisite of Job Search: World of Work recommended.