Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

CJU-133 | Introduction to Criminal Justice | 3 credits
This course offers an overview of the structures and functions that comprise the American system of criminal justice. The three basics components of the criminal justice system, law enforcement, courts, and corrections, are examined in detail. Students learn the concepts of crime, due process, and criminal law, as well as contemporary issues and practices in criminal justice.

CJU-310 | Service Experience | 1 to 5 credits
In this course every student completes volunteer service under supervision in a learning environment. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-333 | Policing in America | 3 credits
A consideration of the history of policing in America is covered in this course with additional focus on the structure and function of patrol, traffic, communications, investigation and special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-336 | Criminal Investigation | 3 credits
Students will study the principles of investigative methods applied in the field of criminal justice in this course including crime scene management, chain of custody as it relates to criminal evidence, crime scene search protocol, collection and recording of physical and testimonial evidence, methods used to process physical evidence, developing leads and examining witnesses.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-341 | Introduction to Counseling | 3 credits
In this course students will study approaches to counseling with emphasis on gaining an understanding of basic theory concepts utilized in the helping professions. Emphasis is also placed on developing a personal philosophy of helping or counseling. Counseling topics explored include family issues, youth in trouble and substance abuse.

CJU-343 | Introduction to Group Counseling | 3 credits
This course provides exploration of the approaches and process of group therapy that integrates ideas from different perspectives of group counseling. Students will gain an understanding of group process and the skills and techniques related to the stages of group processing and the application of group strategies to specific group counseling issues and populations.
Prerequisite: Take SOC-341

CJU-348 | Drugs, Alcohol and Crime | 3 credits
An overview of alcohol and drug abuse in America as wells as the rest of the world is covered in this course with a specific focus on the physical and psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs of choice on the individual and society. Students will investigate the relationship of drugs and alcohol to the nature and extent of crime and the implications this has for law enforcement, the courts and corrections.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-358 | Institutional/Community Based Correction | 3 credits
This course examines modern correctional systems, the operation of jails and prisons, contemporary issues and practices in probation, parole and community corrections alternatives.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-365 | Principles of Private Security | 3 credits
A comprehensive overview of the increasing role that private security plays in the overall field of criminal justice is covered in this course. Study includes an examination of individual protective services, loss protection and prevention, computer security, identity theft protection, terrorism and bomb security, fire security and prevention, security systems and security system management.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-444 | Juvenile Justice | 3 credits
This course examines the policies, programs and services that comprise the juvenile justice system. It provides a comprehensive overview of the processing and treatment of juvenile offenders, descriptions and definitions of offender types and the subsystems that play a role in the care and control of juvenile delinquents.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-460 | Criminal Law | 3 credits
This course examines the law as a last resort mechanism of social control and describes the process whereby acts are prohibited and punishments are written into law. The course reviews the history of modern criminal law and the law as it applies to specific criminal wrongs.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-475 | Criminology | 3 credits
Criminology is the study of the nature and causes of criminal behavior. This course examines historical and modern theories of criminal behavior drawn from the biological, sociological, psychological and cultural schools of behavioral thought.
Prerequisite: Take CJU-133

CJU-485 | Internship | 1 to 6 credits
In this course, students use criminal justice principles in an applied setting under supervision in an off-campus placement. Goals and requirements are determined in consultation with faculty. Selected reading is required.
Prerequisite: Take 9 credits from CJU department

CJU-490 | Seminar | 3 credits
This course acts as a capstone course for the criminal justice major and draws together material from many courses and integrates them into a final senior project.