Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

CLS-302 | Immunology | 4 credits
This course provides an introduction to the basic principles of immunology. Topics include immunoglobulin structure and function, cellular and molecular immunology, types of immune reactions and immunological disorders. Emphasis is placed on how the immune system protects individuals against infectious agents and prevents the development of abnormal cells within the body. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: Take BIO-204 and BIO-320

CLS-485 | Clinical Internship | 12 to 14 credits
This senior year curriculum in clinical laboratory science is a twelve-month clinical internship to be completed at an approved hospital. The internship begins in the summer between the junior and senior year and is completed 12 months later. Fifty-two weeks of course work is required. Since course work in the individual areas is distributed over the period, the entire internship must be completed to obtain credit. For purposes of registration and assessment of fees, the senior student registers for 14 hours in the fall and spring and 12 hours in the summer for a total of 40 hours. Policies concerning the internship are determined by each hospital where the program is offered. The student should consult the handbook developed by the hospital program for specifics. At the successful completion of the internship as determined by the hospital-based program, the student will be granted a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from Mount Marty College if all degree requirements have been met. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only.

CLS-490 | Seminar | 1 credit
As a part of seminar, each student prepares a review article on a topic in biology, chemistry or medical technology of his/her choice and presents this paper to the faculty and senior natural science majors.
Prerequisite: Take 4 courses in Biology or Chemistry

CLS-498 | Research | 1 to 4 credits
This course requires an investigation (on or off campus) of a hypothesis. The work is selected and carried out under the direction of a biology or chemistry faculty member. It involves a literature review of the area of the endeavor and selected laboratory experiments designed to test the hypothesis.
Prerequisite: Take 4 courses Chemistry or Biology