Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

LDR-301 | Information & Service Economy | 2 credits
This course is the study of the economic impact and the role of information technology in the service sector. We will look at the interplay of service quality and profitability. As the United States has moved from a manufacturing to a service economy, we need to understand what has happened, why it has happened and how the service economy has changed the U.S. business model.

LDR-303 | Organizational Leadership | 2 credits
This course is the study of organizational leadership and the challenges presented by management in and of the service sector of our economy. We will examine managerial functions including planning, organizing, influencing and decision making in a flatter world forever changed by technology and the shift from the production of goods to the providing services.

LDR-305 | Consumer/Marketing Issues | 2 credits
This course is the study of marketing in the service economy. We will examine differences and challenges in promoting services rather than manufactured goods. In addition, we will study a consumer driven business rather than a production or sales oriented approach to business growth.

LDR-307 | Leadership for the Entrepreneur | 2 credits
This course is the study of the leadership skills needed to successfully start and manage one's own business. From the initial organization, to the financial basics needed to operate a business, to the promotional skills needed, the course will expose entrepreneurs to the leadership and management ideas of today's dynamic business market.

LDR-309 | Service Innovation, Design & Marketing | 2 credits
This course is the study of the innovation, design and marketing of services. As customer demand increased innovation by service providers, managers need to understand how to provide those innovations and exceed customer expectations through the marketing and efficient delivery of services.

LDR-311 | Organ Process Modeling & Project Ldrship | 2 credits
This course will study the organization processes for the delivery of services by a business or organization. We will examine various service delivery and process models. In addition, we will study leadership issues associated with service project management.

LDR-313 | Strategic & Quality Mgmt/Leadership | 2 credits
This course combines the leadership elements of organizational strategic planning with those of quality service management. The current business environment, combined with the changing external environment, requires strategic management be taken to a new, higher level. Service capacity constraints and excess demand require business leaders who can plan for flexible delivery and remain profitable.

LDR-315 | Organization and Technology Integration | 2 credits
This course will be the capstone of the student leadership program and will combine the technology requirements with the management elements needed for the delivery of services which consumers demand. From innovation and design, to pricing, marketing and delivering customer-driven services, this course will integrate the technology and the process.