Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

MTH-099 | Introduction to Algebra | 4 credits
Students will review computations with whole numbers, integers and rational numbers; simplifying algebraic expressions; solve and graphing linear equations and inequalities; one variable practical applications; basic geometric concepts to include perimeter and area of basic figures; systems of linear equations; computations with polynomials, rational expressions and radicals. This course is offered without elective credit as a service to the student who needs to study basic mathematical concepts as a preparation for MTH 150. This course should not be taken by a student who has had Algebra I or Algebra II on the secondary level. Credits may not be applied toward graduation requirements.

MTH-115 | Geometry I | 1 credit
This course provides an introduction to Euclidean and computational geometry. This course will include areas, volumes and surface areas, angles, constructions, deductive proofs and elementary trigonometry.

MTH-116 | Geometry II | 1 credit
This course provides an introduction to Euclidean and computational geometry. The course will include geometric figures, constructions and deductive proofs.

MTH-125 | Elementary Applications in Mathematics | 3 credits
This course includes statistics, probability, logic, personal finance, algebra and elementary topics in mathematics.

MTH-150 | College Algebra | 4 credits
This course includes first degree equations and inequalities in one variable; irrational and complex numbers; quadratic equations and inequalities; functions and graphs; exponential, logarithmic and special functions; systems of equations; sequences and series.

MTH-180 | Precalculus | 4 credits
This course includes basics of college algebra, trigonometry and analytic geometry. This course is designed for a student who has completed two years of high school algebra but has not had trigonometry and/or analytic geometry.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-150

MTH-205 | Discrete Mathematics | 3 credits
This course introduces mathematical structures and their applications to computer science. Topics include: counting techniques, mathematical logic, set theory, Boolean algebra, graph theory and the application of algebraic structures to computer design.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-150

MTH-209 | Calculus I | 4 credits
This course is on an elementary introduction to most of the basic material of calculus: functions and limits, derivatives, direction fields, antiderivatives, trigonometric functions, integrals and areas of regions in the plane. The course is designed for the student who needs the basic topics for physics, chemistry, biology, business and engineering courses.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-180

MTH-210 | Calculus II | 4 credits
This course continues with a deepening of the material of Calculus I. Topics include: applications of the definite integral, transcendental functions, techniques of integration, polar coordinates and analytic geometry, indeterminate forms, improper integrals, lower order Taylor polynomials and infinite series.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-209

MTH-219 | Elementary Statistics | 4 credits
This course offers the basic concepts of statistics and their practical application. Topics include: frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, normal distribution, correlation, regression, prediction, inferential statistics and one-way analysis of variance.

MTH-270 | Mathematical Modeling | 1 credit
This course attempts to involve a student in the creative and early design aspects of problem formulation and solution. Case studies using real-world and contrived problems will be presented to demonstrate that modeling is a fundamental part of the general scientific method and is especially important in applied mathematics.

MTH-303 | Non-Euclidean Geometry | 1 credit
This course is an extension of geometry into non-Euclidean forms.

MTH-311 | Calculus III | 4 credits
This course is a continuation of the calculus sequence. Topics include: vector calculus, functions of several variables, higher level partials and applications, double integrals and multiple integrals.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-210

MTH-315 | Probability with Case Studies | 4 credits
An introduction to general probability rules including Bayes Theorem, single and multivariable probability distributions and their properties.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-210

MTH-355 | Linear Algebra | 4 credits
In this course students will learn Gaussian elimination, vector spaces and subspaces, orthogonal projections and least squares fitting of data, the pseudoinverse, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

MTH-375 | Methods in Numerical Analysis | 3 credits
In this course students will learn solution of nonlinear equations, interpolating polynomials, numerical integration, numerical differentiation, method of undetermined coefficients, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, sets of equations and boundary value problems.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-210

MTH-430 | Differential Equations | 3 credits
Students will study of the fundamental methods of solving ordinary differential equations and their applications.
Prerequisite: Take MTH-210

MTH-455 | Abstract Algebra | 4 credits
In this course, students will learn rings, sets, integral domains, properties of the integers, fields and the rational numbers, real and complex numbers, groups and polynomials.

MTH-490 | Seminar | 2 credits
Students will learn contemporary mathematics, research readings, creative work in major area. This is the terminal course for mathematics majors.