Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

PSY-100 | Introduction to Human Service Profession | 1 credit
The purpose of this one-credit course it to provide students interested in the psychology and human service fields of study with information on career options in the human service profession, help them identify their own skills and strengths and introduce them to establishing their own philosophy of helping others.

PSY-101 | Introduction to Psychology | 3 credits
This is an introductory survey course of the general content areas of psychology.

PSY-125 | Foundations of Group Dynamics | 3 credits
Students will learn about communication and conflict in small groups, leadership skills, how groups solve problems and make decisions, how to lead meetings and make group presentations in this course.

PSY-165 | Lifespan Development | 3 credits
Students will study the biological, psychological and social changes that occur during the periods of development from conception through childhood, adolescence, young to late adulthood and death. Emphasis is also placed on the major challenges and issues that affect each period of development.

PSY-275 | Experimental Methods I | 3 credits
The logic and methodology of psychological research is described, along with the special problems concerning measurement, research logistics, and the interpretation of research results. There is a strong emphasis on the use of computers in the design and analysis of research. Prerequisite: PSY 101
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101

PSY-276 | Experimental Methods II | 4 credits
Advanced methods in the collection and analysis of data are presented. Various research designs and their appropriateness for specific areas of study are reviewed. Prerequisite: PSY 275
Prerequisite: Take PSY-275

PSY-310 | Service Learning | 1 to 5 credits
The student does volunteer service under supervision in a learning environment related to the helping professions. Pass or unsatisfactory grading only.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-100 and PSY-101

PSY-340 | Chemical Dependency & Human Behavior | 3 credits
In this course students will survey the use, abuse and addictive nature of alcohol and other mood altering drugs including the symptomology of alcoholism and other drug addiction. Examine the nature and complexity of mood altering chemical substances and current approaches to treatment and prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-341 | Introduction to Counseling | 3 credits
In this course students will study approaches to counseling with emphasis on gaining an understanding of basic theory concepts utilized in the helping professions. Emphasis is also placed on developing a personal philosophy of helping or counseling. Counseling topics explored include family issues, youth in trouble and substance abuse.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-342 | Introduction to Alcoholism | 3 credits
This course will provide an introductory survey of alcoholism, a major public health problem in contemporary society. A review of the physiological, psychological and social effects of alcohol consumption, theories of causation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of alcoholism. It will seek to form a balanced base of knowledge about a complex and controversial subject for both professional and personal applications. This course and Chemical Dependency & Human Behavior are South Dakota requirements for certification as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-343 | Introduction to Group Counseling | 3 credits
This course provides an exploration of the approaches and process of group therapy that integrates ideas from different perspectives of group counseling. Students will gain an understanding on group process and the skills and techniques related to the stages of group processing and the application of group strategies to specific group counseling issues and populations.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-341

PSY-346 | Ethics Human Serv Chem Depend Profession | 3 credits
This course is an introduction to ethics and legal issues as they relate to the human service and helping professions. Basic knowledge of ethical standards and codes, client rights and responsibilities, and legal implications are emphasized. Specific emphasis is placed on confidentiality regulations, mandatory reporting requirements, non-discriminatory practices, addiction issues, and technology applications.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-341

PSY-370 | Social Psychology | 3 credits
Students will do a study of how people interact and influence one another in this course. Topics include attitudes, roles, attraction, conformity, aggression, altruism, prejudice and group dynamics.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-372 | Personality Theory | 3 credits
Students will do a study of the different theories of personality, the measurement of personality and current research on personality in this course.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-374 | Abnormal Psychology | 3 credits
This course is an introductory study of behavior pathologies and predominant psychological disorders, with an emphasis on their causes, symptomology, diagnosis and treatment.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-376 | Physiological Psychology | 3 credits
Students will study the relationship between physiological processes and human behavior in this course. Topics will include the various body senses, sleep, emotions and stress, reproduction, eating and drinking.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-382 | Memory and Cognition | 3 credits
This course covers how people extract and use relevant information from their environment to guide behavior. Also covers memory, attention and other cognitive processes.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-452 | Psychological Testing and Measurement | 3 credits
This course is an introduction to the theory, construction, administration and interpretation of standardized psychological tests. Tests considered include IQ assessments, attitude surveys, personality inventories and projective techniques. The issues of reliability, validity and standardization are also covered.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-454 | History and Systems of Psychology | 3 credits
Students will trace the development of contemporary psychology from its early philosophical origins to the present in this course. An emphasis is placed on the era of modern psychology (mid-1800s to the present) with discussion of current issues and movements.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101 or PSY-165

PSY-485 | Internship | 1 to 12 credits
The student works under supervision in an off-campus placement. Goals and requirements are determined in consultation with faculty and internship supervisor. An internship project or applied research is required. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only. Prerequisites: PSY 310 and consent of the instructor.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-310

PSY-490 | Senior Seminar | 3 credits
This is a capstone course for the psychology major. Students will synthesize material from their course of study and integrate it into a final senior research project. Students will also develop leadership skills and explore graduate school options.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-101, PSY-276

PSY-498 | Senior Research | 1 to 2 credits
Students will get an opportunity to conduct a research project under the supervision of a faculty member. Travel/study is an option.
Prerequisite: Take PSY-388