Current Course Offerings

For a complete list of course offerings see the Degree Plans found in current and previous catalog's.

RAD-101 | Introduction to Radiologic Technology | 1 credit
This course gives students an introduction to the practice of radiologic technology, including an overview of the field and a brief introduction to each imaging and treatment modality. The primary component of this course is a practicum, consisting of a minimum of 20 hours of job shadowing in a medical clinic or hospital, under the supervision of a certified radiographer.

RAD-485 | Clinical Internship | 6 to 12 credits
This internship is the junior and senior year curriculum in radiologic technology, a two-year clinical internship to be completed at an approved hospital. Since course work in the individual areas is distributed over the period, the entire internship must be completed to obtain credit. Policies concerning the internship are determined by each hospital where the program is offered. The student should consult the handbook developed by the hospital program for specifics. At the successful completion of the internship as determined by the hospital-based program, the student will be granted a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiologic Technology from Mount Marty College if all degree requirements have been met. Pass or unsatisfactory grades only.