Student Advising

First-Year Advising
Welcome to First-Year Advising at Mount Marty College! To help you navigate your way through your first year in college, we have created a team of faculty and staff devoted to helping you succeed. The first year of college is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming to balance new responsibilities in your personal and academic life. The First-Year advisors take a holistic approach to help alleviate some of that stress and encourage you to reach established goals. Throughout the freshman year, you will meet with your advisor to discuss matters related to majors, financial issues, personal decision making, goals, and discuss other concerns that may arise. Most importantly, the advising team is there to help you discover you academic and personal potential.

Meet the Advising Team
Your assigned First-Year advisor will communicate with you throughout the year about important dates, programs, and services. We encourage you to branch out and participate in campus events we have planned geared to help you select a major and adjust to college life.

First-Year Seminar
During the fall semester, the First-Year Advising program at Mount Marty College contains a Freshman Seminar (GEN 102) course. The course is designed to help new students navigate the expectations of college life and beyond. The small groups of 10-12 students will focus on success at MMC and continue to emphasize the college's uniqueness as a Benedictine liberal arts institution. The course is structured to engage you in college-level writing and develop creative and critical thinking skills. Strategies will also be introduced to help you identify your academic strengths and strengthen test preparation skills. Together with your First-Year advisor, the course will provide you with the strategies to create a healthy academic and personal routine that is necessary for college success.