Biology is the study of all living things, from bacteria that can be seen under a microscope to plants, animals, and humans.

The Biology program at Mount Marty College provides a solid education in biology for those students whose professions will require a strong biology background. The double major of Chemistry & Biology is designed for those students whose ambition is to go on to medical or other health professions.

Besides coursework, there are opportunities to experience independent research projects both on and off campus. The program offers experiences in university research laboratories. Research by the student may lead to participation and presentations at regional and national scientific organizations such as South Dakota Academy of Science or Sioux Valley section of the American Chemical Society.

One of the biggest benefits of the biology program at Mount Marty College is the individualized attention to the students and opportunity to work closely with faculty members both in and out of the classroom.

While pursuing a degree in biology, students develop an in-depth knowledge of science and become competent in the use of current science technologies.

As biology majors, students may study the structure and function of cells; organ systems and tissues in animals and humans; the structure and function of plants; aquatic toxicology; ecology; genetics and heredity; and microscopic organisms such as bacteria and parasites. Students also learn laboratory techniques biologists use in their research.

The Biology program assists students in attaining a broad education in the science as preparation for choosing among a wide variety of careers. The Biology department also assists students in choosing suitable careers by providing individual counseling.

Students may prepare to teach biology in high school by fulfilling requirements for certification for Teacher Education.