In line with the mission of Mount Marty College, the psychology major offers each student a liberal arts major that prepares students for the contemporary world of work, service to the human community and personal growth. A student who majors in psychology will develop a critical understanding of the field of psychology and human behavior, appreciate the role psychology plays in shaping society and be prepared for graduate training or employment. The psychology major is designed to help the student meet the following objectives:

  • Provide the student with a general foundation in the various content areas and theoretical perspectives within psychology.
  • Understand the different research methods used by psychologists and
    comprehend basic descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Become aware of the ethical issues related to research and practice.
  • Understand how psychological principles are applied in everyday life.
  • Prepare for employment or graduate school.

Along with the above objectives each student is required to complete a one hour service project. The service project will involve participation in the national screening day for Depression and Anxiety Disorders. The population that will be screened will be the seniors at the senior citizen centers in Yankton, Watertown and surrounding communities during the national depression and anxiety disorder screening week in October of each year. This will provide senior citizens in the area an opportunity to be screened for depression and anxiety and receive referrals for further assessment when necessary. To show the attainment of the objectives the student who completes the major will show the following outcomes:

  • Explain behavior using different psychological theories.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the discipline’s language.
  • Use library resources to conduct literature searches.
  • Understand research articles in psychology.
  • Design, conduct and write a research study.
  • Summarize and analyze data with appropriate statistical techniques.
  • Write in APA style.
  • Experience directly the application of psychology.
The student will be assessed in the following ways:
  • Successful completion of the required courses.
  • Completion of Senior Seminar and its required parts (senior research project, exam and exit interview).

Introduction to Counseling, Group Counseling, Chemical Dependency and Human Behavior and introduction to Alcoholism provide the coursework necessary to be certified as a level one drug and alcohol counselor in the State of South Dakota. This coursework is required to work at many of the public and private drug and alcohol treatment centers in the state.