Religious Studies

Since Mount Marty College is a Catholic college, Religious Studies and Philosophy, as a major program, serves students of all program areas. Mount Marty College is the only Catholic institution in South Dakota where students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies complete with both broad content foundations and supervised field experience.

The Religious Studies and Philosophy program includes a variety of courses designed to assist students in examining their Christian and Catholic heritage and in reflecting upon and internalizing their human and religious experiences.

A major in Religious Studies and Philosophy (RSP) provides students with a strong liberal arts background. Studying RSP helps students develop analytic skills and problem-solving activities. While earning a Religious Studies and Philosophy degree, students can focus on preparation for graduate school or an entry-level ministry position..

Philosophy is an integral essential part of intellectual endeavor in a liberal arts curriculum. Philosophy is the exploration of the ideas that shape laws, culture, history, politics, and values. Though philosophy has its own special areas of investigation, it pursues the ultimate questions about reality, truth, and values.

As part of the Religious Studies and Philosophy program, students will:
  • Examine human concerns and think through contemporary issues in a disciplined and imaginative way.
  • Examine value system in dialogue with ethical principles consistent with the Christian and Catholic character of MMC.
  • Participate in primary research experiences.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge and competence in Religious Studies & Philosophy.
  • Be knowledgeable in use of current technologies and processes in their major of study.