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Graduate Course Schedule Spring 2014 Sioux Falls Location

Updated 5/20/2014 2:49:53 PM
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Nurse Anesthesia Course Name Credits Instructor Location Day(s) Begins Ends Comment
ANE-503-01 Adv Practice Nursing-Role 3 Alfred Lupien (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-508-01 Prin of Anesthesia Adv 4 Mary Krogh (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-510-01 Advanced Physiology II 4 Larry Dahlen (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-521-01 Adv Pharm: Anesthetic Agent 4 Michelle Stimely (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-542-01 Clinical Anesthesia Prac II 3 Mary Krogh (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-545-01 Clinical Anesthesia Prac V 3 Mary Krogh (TBA) (TBA) ends Feb 28
ANE-589-01 Seminar I 1 Mary Krogh (TBA) (TBA)
ANE-592-01 Research Prac II: Non-Thesis 1 Alfred Lupien (TBA) (TBA)