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Chris Filsinger, C'08

There were several reasons Chris Filsinger decided to attend Mount Marty College. Being a teenager who was mostly interested in sports, the opportunity to play basketball was probably the biggest reason to choose Mount Marty initially. But Chris was also attracted to and came to appreciate the college's faith based mission. Attending an actual basketball game and then having the opportunity to meet some great people on his first visit sealed the deal for Chris.

His appreciation for the opportunities he had to get involved in different campus activities made the early days at MMC less overwhelming. This provided him the opportunity to meet many new classmates and teammates. As Chris states, "It's those new friends that you meet that will really shape your college experience. The people I was fortunate to be surrounded by at MMC is what helped prepare me the most for life in general. Matt and Meredith Hayes I'm a firm believer in the saying that you can only be as successful as the people you surround yourself with, and I was very lucky to have a lot of great people around me at MMC."

One of MMC's strengths he appreciated the most during his undergrad experience was the help and dedicaition from the faculty, staff and sisters at the monastery, which has impacted his life in many ways, even how he concucts business today in the banking industry.

Chris' most memorable and "lasting" experience was meeting his MMC girlfriend and now wife, Amanda (Kneifl). He was the very first person to actually greet her during her first day of freshman orientation. Chris saw a good looking blonde pull up in the parking lot and decided he should probably help her carry some boxes to the dorm. As he adds with a smile, "Who says being an orientation leader doesn't have its benefits!" As far as school goes, there were many great experiences, but a couple Chris will never forget is having the opportunity to go to Hawaii for a basketball tournament his sophomore year and also the opportunity to serve in the MMC Student Government.

Even though Chris doesn't make it back to Yankton as much as he would like, he hasn't ventured too far since he graduated. He spent about three years in Sioux City, IA while Amanda was finishing at MMC. Although he was traveling most of the time for work, unfortunately he didn't spend a lot of time in Yankton.

As Chris described his career start, he wanted to thank Estelle Johnson for her help and assistance in getting his career started in the banking industry. The summer before his senior year, she helped him get an internship with the FDIC as a bank examiner. When Chris graduated he went on full time. It was a great experience the helped jumpstart his career. Once Amanda graduated, they were ready to get married and have a family. At this time, Chris was so ready to stop traveling and decided it was a good time to move over to the "other side" of banking. That was when he decided to go back to school for his MBA and then had the opportunity to go to work at CorTrust Bank in Sioux Falls as a credit analyst and then a business banking officer.

Chris and Amanda had their first child, Logan, in May of 2013 and as any parent would say, changed their lives forever. Chris adds, "Being a parent is an incredibly challenging, but an amazing experience. It's so much fun to get to experience life though the eyes of a child. He is a ball of fire and keeps Amanda and me on our toes all the time!"

Chris Filsinger

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