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Research for Mount Marty College Alumni Directory is under way!
Work on the upcoming Mount Marty College Alumni Directory is well under way, and we are trying to reach everyone by mail and/or phone to update alumni information.

Designed to be a definitive reference for alumni of Mount Marty College, Mount Marty High School, Sacred Heart School of Nursing and Sacred Heart School of Anesthesia, this publication will make it easy for you to reconnect with friends and former classmates. Complete listings for each respondent will include academic, professional, and personal information- sorted by class and alphabetically by last name. Alumni will also be listed by city and state of residence, and a special editorial section about Mount Marty College will give you a look at the past and a glimpse into our future.

Harris Connect is helping to gather the information in order to create the directory. Postcards and emails have been sent to collect the data. To help make the publication as complete as possible, please be sure to respond to our appeal to update your biographical profile and submit a photo and note about your activities since graduation. Please respond to Harris Connect even if we have your most current information. This data will be used to create the full directory. You will also have the opportunity to purchase your own personal copy of the directory. There are three options: a hardcover edition for $99.99, a softcover edition for $79.99, and a CD edition for $24.99. If you haven't yet received a mailing, or would like to verify your listing by phone- please call Harris Connect at 1-800-653-3254.

For further information or any questions, please contact the Mount Marty College Alumni Office at 605.668.4020/4023 or [email protected] Thank you for your help on this wonderful project!

Thank you & God Bless

MMC Office of Alumni Relations
Dave Dickes, Director
Ashley Gullikson, Assistant Director

In 1965, Mount Marty College and its alumni created the MMC Alumni Association to maintain active alumni involvement in the MMC community. Today, there are over 8,000 alumni whose support continues to move the College forward.

Although Mount Marty Academy, Mount Marty High School, and the Sacred Heart Schools of Nursing and Anesthesia are no longer operating, approximately 1,500 graduates of these schools are members of the MMC Alumni Association. They are active alumni and still very interested and supportive of Mount Marty.

The purpose of the MMC Alumni Association is to provide communication, leadership, and programming to enhance the loyalty and commitment to the College among students, former students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends of the College.

Alumni involvement is extremely important to any college. Schools that have alumni who are active and involved in their alma mater are the institutions that provide the best education and the most opportunities for their students. To this end, the MMC Alumni Association is committed to preserving the rich heritage of the College while offering the highest level of service to you and the College community.

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