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Jill Orton - MMC 1992 - Service to Church and Community Award
This award recognizes an individual who has exhibited notable leadership abilities in service to his/her Church and Community at the local, state, regional or national level. Orton graduated summa cum laude from Mount Marty College in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and chemistry. She has moved up through the ranks of responsibility with the American Red Cross since 2000 from sales and marketing to program development generating revenue for the Red Cross upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was employee of the Year for the American Red Cross, Nebraska - SW Iowa Region in 2011, Paul Harris Fellow in 2014 and Council Bluffs Noon Rotary Club President in 2014. Since 2010, Jill has been the Executive Director & Chief Services Officer for Loess Hills Community Chapter in Council Bluffs, Iowa and is Regional Disaster Officer responsible for the dissemination of program service delivery across the Nebraska and Southwest Iowa Region based in Omaha, meeting the needs of one million citizens with 36 paid staff and 4000 volunteers from 16 physical locations.

Deb Fischer-Clemens - MMC 1977 - Professional Achievement Award
This achievement honors an individual who has consistently demonstrated leadership, competence, dedication, integrity and commitment to continued education in his/her chosen profession. Deb earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mount Marty College, Yankton, S.D., and a Master of Health Service Administration from the College of St. Francis, Joliet, Ill. Deb Fischer-Clemens is the Senior Vice President of the Avera Center for Public Policy for Avera Health, based in Sioux Falls, S.D. Deb's 35 year health care career with Avera includes 24 years leading a large nursing team in direct patient care. Her policy acumen was honed as a representative in the South Dakota State Legislature from 1995-2000. In the state, she currently serves on the South Dakota Health Information Exchange Advisory Council and the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Advisory Committee. In addition, she has participated on the S.D. Medicaid Long-Term Solutions Group and Governor's Task Force on Infant Mortality, among others. Deb has a well-developed professional network at all levels of government and acts as a representative of Avera on state and national policy board including, but not limited to, Premier FAN Policy Advisory Committee, NRHA Government Affairs Committee and CHA Board of Trustees, as well as the Chair of the Board's Advisory Committee and serves on the CHA Health Policy & Reimbursement Committee. Deb's current philanthropic activity includes active participation on the boards of the South Dakota Network Against Violence and Sexual Assault, South Dakota Voices for Children and the South Dakota Immigration Coalition. Richard Molseed, Executive Vice President for Avera Health stated that, "Deb is a wonderful example of success that comes with great preparation (thank you Mount Marty), dedication, empathy and hard work. It is right to recognize Deb for her professional career. Avera is very proud to employ her many talents."

Brock Sundall - MMC 1998 - Professional Achievement Award
This achievement honors an individual who has consistently demonstrated leadership, competence, dedication, integrity, and commitment to continued education in his/her chosen profession. After a collegiate baseball career as a catcher with the MMC baseball program under Coach Tereshinski, Brock Sundall graduated from Mount Marty College in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. He went on to pursue a degree in education after discovering his passion for teaching and working with students while teaching a Junior Achievement class during his junior year at MMC. Sundall has been teaching 5th grade at St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain, SD for the last 14 years and has also spent time assisting the Chamberlain High School football and basketball programs. But his greatest of all passions was baseball. Through his baseball coaching career Sundall has instructed ages 4-18 and includes high school state tournament appearances in 2001 and 2002 as well as legion state tournament appearances in 2002, 2007, and 2009. Eight of his players have gone on to play collegiate baseball. Although he has stepped away from a coaching role this year, he continues to maintain the field and has started a new role from behind the plate as an umpire. His many years of involvement in baseball at all levels lead him to serve as a member of the South Dakota Baseball Association Board, South Dakota Amateur Baseball Commission, and member of the Chamberlain Baseball Association. Sundall has always felt that baseball is a parallel to life and provides the opportunity to learn many lifelong lessons such as dealing with success and learning from failure, teamwork, sportsmanship, humility, and work ethic.

S. Penny Bingham OSB - MMC 1973 - Service to Mount Marty College
This award is presented to an individual who has distinguished him/herself as loyal to the mission Mount Marty College and has shown continued interest and support and has reflected honor upon the College with his/her Christian lifestyle. Born in Arlington, Mass., Sr. Penny Bingham was a young woman when her family settled in Pickstown, South Dakota. She graduated from MMC in 1973 with a degree in elementary education. After teaching in Iowa for two years she entered Sacred Heart Monastery, invited by college friend and classmate, Sr. Candyce Chrystal, who had joined the monastery soon after graduation. Part of the formative experience at MMC was the sense of community on campus and it was that value of community which continued to be a significant part of her call to the monastery. Over the years, Sr. Penny taught elementary grades in Lincoln, NE and Sioux Falls, SD; has served to older Sisters in Yankton; has worked in parish ministry in Centerville, SD and Beresford, SD after earning a degree in Pastoral Ministry; and has served in community leadership, as sub-prioress for six years and currently as prioress since 2011. She has been a member of the MMC Board of Trustees for the past nine years – a little longer than usual because of her current role as prioress. Serving in these ways allows her to give back a little to a place that is dear to her heart.

Past Honors
2013 Dennis Heine
2012 Sister Candyce Chrystal, Dan Specht
2011 Deidre Flaherty, Jon Swegarden
2010 Sister Aidan Bourke, Norm Kunselman, Marilyn Pates
2008 Sister Patricia Heirigs, Marvin Veasy, Francis G. Tramp, Dagen Valentine
2007 Sister Cynthia Binder, Phyllis Kneifl Getz, Janet Holzman Beattie, Corey Wittrock
2006 Mary Elizabeth Eisenman Carson, Rev. David Korth, Kayleen Tyrrell Lee, Dr. James Dufek, Nathan V. Johnson
2005 Mary Lois Hunhoff Gibson, S. Ramona Fallon, Dr. Janet Serie, Bernadette Standaert Obert, Doris Parisien Fiedler
2004 Christine Lang Pharr, Carol Kippes Pistulka, S. Marcine Quintus, Gene & Angela Holmes Elder
2003 Alice Jensen Hoesing, Shirley Skrdla Musich, S. Consuelo Chavez, Jason Pistulka
2002 Carol Schmitt Bennett-Dorsey, Myrna Brennick, Denise Proctor, Theresa Swier
2001 Frances Murray Flaherty, Suzanne Reisch Dufek, Marilyn Van Gerpen Ter Maat, S. Kara Payer
2000 George Munn, Marian Dendinger Pyper, Ruth Kornely, Tom Buckmiller
1999 Charles Stastny, Janet Holzman Beattie, Kelly Heller
1998 Rosaleen Doom Krames, Cheryl Commers Hanks, Kayleen Jorgensen Deacon, Scott Swier
1997 Lucille Kribell O'Connor, Kathryn O'Leary Higgins, Norma German Doyle, Dave Abbott
1996 Dr. Mary Shon, S. Jacquelyn Ernster, Alice Baumberger Gannon, Tim Dingman
1995 - Kent Lethcoe, Alice Jensen Hoesing, Kathleen Spitzenberger Roehl, Dorothy Stoll
1994 S. Marie Helen Werdel, Barbara Hickey Kramer, Christine Lang Pharr, Michelle Peak
1993 Thomas K. Harmon, Nancy Werner, Brigid Flanagan, David Allen Lyons
1992 Jolene Schwarz Sokol, David Knips, David Fletcher, Michael Klimisch
1991 Joan Rossiter Burney, S. Inez Welchert, S. Adrienne Kaufmann, Matthew Dvorak
1990 S. Mary Arthur Schramm, JoAnn Stransky Thistlewood, Mary Alice Lacey Feltham, Fran Davey Hassler
1989 S. Virgil Koch, Kay Johnson Deacon, Frances Biegelmeier Lowenstein, Sue Boyum Ressler
1988 Arliss Johnson, Joy Hentges Jenkins, S. Rosalie Sitzmann, Br. Nick Feyerisen
1987 Jess Wolf, Donna Meirose, S. Rosaria Kranz (deceased), John Glidden
1986 S. Roswitha Zavadil (deceased), S. Harriet Gobel, Kathleen Lahr Keller, Geri Weiland Loecker
1985 S. Rhoda Foecke (deceased), Norman Kunselman, Cecilia Rokusek, Gary Wagner, Katie O'Donnel Wagner, Terry Wensing, Pam Oberembt Wensing
1984 Adeline Andersen Morck (deceased), Connie Mentele Kass, Janice Joffer Thompson, Tim Glidden
1983 Paula Kertzman Tacke, Rev. Guy Gau, Mary Anne Post Rhomberg, Jeanne Pride Parker
1982 Bernard Hunhoff, Cleopha Fanslow Gumbinger, Viola Breen Bauder, James Dufek
1981 Ruth Landsberger Vickers, S. Kevin Irwin, S. Laurina Kaiser, Dan Wagner
1980 Francine Dold, Ceil Connelly (deceased), Gloria Tysl, Norman Kunselman
1979 Jeanette Dangel, Cecilia Rokusek
1978 S. Phyllis Hunhoff, Fred Ertz
1977 Kathleen Bouska, Dennis Fokken
1976 Florence Rossiter, Paula Kertzmann Tacke
1975 Rita Amberg Waldref
1974 S. Evangeline Anderson
1973 S. Julia Hunhoff
1972 S. Wilma Lyle