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Season Preview

On April 20-22 the MMC Archery Club traveled to LaCross, WI to compete in North Regional Outdoors Championship. We had a very good showing with ranking in the Region and LaCrosse tournament results as follows:

Mixed Compound Team Round First Place
Jarod Myer
Jamie Van Lent

Mens Team Round Second Place
Jarod Myer
Paul Foss
Evan Scudner

North Regional Ranking
Paul Foss 1st Mens Bowhunter  
Kayce Olson 1st Female Recurve  
Megan Arens 2nd Female Recurve  
Jarod Myer 2nd Mens Compound  
Jade Steinberg 2nd Female Bowhunter  
Evan Scudner 3rd Mens Compound  
Raelynn Coldwell 3rd Female Recurve  
Jamie Van Lent 5th Female Compound  
LaCrosse, WI results  
Individual Rounds Elimination Matches
Male Compound Male Compound
Jarod Myer 2nd Evan Scudner 1st
Evan Scudner 3rd Jarod Myer 4th
Female Compound Female Compound
Jamie Vanlent 4th Jamie Van Lent 4th
Woman's Recurve Womens Recurve
Kayce Olson 1st Kayce Olson 1st
Megan Arens 2nd Megan Arens 2nd
Raelynn Coldwell 3rd Raelynn Coldwell 3rd
Mens Bowhunter Mens Bowhunter
Paul Foss 1st Paul Foss 2nd
Female Bowhunter Female Bowhunter
Jade Steinberg 2nd Jade Steinberg 1st