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Get My MMC ID (username and password

All Mount Marty College Registered Students, Faculty and Staff are assigned a MMC ID that uniquely identifies them and provides them access to administrative systems, network connectivity and web services. In addition, students and faculty are assigned a unique MMC ID for connection to Moodle collaboration services. To obtain your MMC ID, please see the information below based on your status at Mount Marty.

Students, Faculty and Staff: All Full time and part time registered students, faculty and staff have access to many resources at Mount Marty including wireless access, email, directory services and web services. To obtain your MMC ID visit the Get My MMC ID link and follow the instructions to obtain your account.

Guests visiting Mount Marty can gain access the internet only by having a faculty or staff member sponsor guest access. A faculty or staff member submits a guest's sponsorship request and the system administrator generates a temporary guest account. The sponsor gives the username and password to the guest. The guest acquires a loaner laptop from the ITSS helpdesk or uses a Mount Marty laptop provided by the sponsor. There may be situations where guests may need to use their personal laptop on the Mount Marty campus. For situations like these the guest must contact the ITSS department prior to the arrival on campus so that temporary access can be configured. See the link Sponsor Guest Access.

Administrative Restrictions or holds are placed on a student accounts where the laptop has not been returned upon request from the ITSS department as where the laptop policy would be in violation.

Account Deactivation

 All network and email accounts are eventually either disabled or purged from the system when an employee or student is no longer associated with or is attending classes at Mount Marty. 


Students who have graduated in the fall term accounts are disabled 30 days after the start of the next spring term.


Students who have graduated in the spring term accounts are disabled 30 days after the start of the next fall term.


Employee accounts are disabled on resignation, dismissal or an official leave even if the pay period can continue.  All employee account deactivations are coordinated thru the Human Resources department