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Mount Marty Nursing Students Make Impact at a National Level

Published Date5\12\2011
Two Mount Marty College nursing students, Jennifer Duff from Clearwater, Neb., and Joan Clement from St. Lawrence, S.D. were recognized this spring at the National Student Nurses Associations annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Duff, a junior serving on the South Dakota Student Nurses Association Board, was elected to serve on the 2011-2012 National Nominating and Elections Committee and Clement authored and presented a resolution that will be endorsed by the National Association.

NSNA has a big voice in national healthcare legislation and changes in the profession of nursing, but many students dont know enough about it to be active, Duff commented. I was inspired to become more involved as the association provides a way to bring student nurses all together, give them a voice, and teach them about the endless possibilities and the importance of nursing as a whole.

Duff, representing nursing students from the north region of the United States, will be responsible for recruiting future student nursing leaders and will participate in next years fall and spring conventions.

Clement authored and presented a resolution on behalf of the Nursing Students Association of South Dakota. Her topic: In support of awareness and education pertaining to behavioral and nutritional interventions regarding prevention and management of obesity in elementary school children, was among those chosen for endorsement by the NSNA.

The resolution calls on the NSNA to advocate its constituents to act as to screeners, teachers, referrers and advocates for individualized behavioral interventions for the treatment and prevention of obesity in elementary school children. Such individualized behavioral and nutritional interventions should include: education, diet, physical activity, counseling, and health promotion while incorporating support to the childs family.

I had to sell my resolution at the convention, said Clement. I approached delegates throughout the day to campaign for my resolution so that they had a better understanding of its importance when it came time to vote on the resolutions.

MMC Assistant Professor of Nursing, Kathryn Burt, OSB is pleased with Mount Marty students level of participation. I was very proud of the all the students who represented South Dakota at the National Student Nursing Convention. It is apparent that our Mount Marty nursing students embrace leadership and professionalism, she said.

Duff and Clement were joined by five other MMC students: Jenna Lucas, Sioux Falls, S.D.; Jami Vander Broek, Yankton, S.D.; Rachel Frickel, Atkinson, N.E.; Alicia Pick, Sioux City, Iowa; Tana Bonnet, Newell, S.D.; and Burt at the convention of over 500 delegates and 1500 nursing students from across the United States.

The Mount Marty students who went to the National Convention came away inspired to become more involved in the future, Duff said.