News Release


MMC Launches Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Leadership Program

Published Date6\23\2011
Mount Marty College is the first to collaborate with IBM and launch an adaptation of IBMs Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) curriculum as an interdisciplinary minor in leadership. The program is designed for top undergraduate students and will launch in the fall of 2011. Professional preparedness and marketability will enhance the degree of each student who chooses to include this minor as a component of his/her degree plan.

In addition to taking the entire program as an undergraduate minor, individual leadership courses will be available to management professionals of the region. The principles and theories presented in the classroom will be applied in the workplace through case studies and community outreach activities.

The Leadership Program curriculum is designed to apply broadly across the service sciences including finance, healthcare, and education, while focusing on leadership issues for todays organizations, said Charles Gross, Assistant Professor of Business and Leadership Program Director.

According to Wendy Murphy, Program Manager in IBMs University Relations, Mount Martys adaptation of the concepts in our guide on service science is a terrific way to get students exposed to multi-disciplinary skills. She further said that she was delighted to work with Bonita Gacnik, O.S.B., Ph.D., MMCs leading force behind the new Service Science Leadership Minor, aiding Sister Bonita in building a program to fit the needs of Mount Martys students and constituencies.

As the world becomes more interconnected and intelligent, consumers are being served through complex systems that require new problem-solving and communication skills in the global workforce. IBMs service science curriculum educates people about these complex systems and networks that serve consumers, creating what IBM calls a smarter planet -- building smarter students, smarter institutions, and smarter cities. Beyond service science, leadership, ethics, and management courses, the leadership curriculum is designed to produce students with the skills needed to enter todays workforce ready to contribute immediately to the economic and innovation agendas of their employers organizations.

Mount Marty College is pleased to join more than 450 universities in 50 countries on six continents who have adapted and implemented some aspects of IBMs interdisciplinary service science curriculum.

For more information on the service science leadership minor or individual leadership courses, contact the Mount Marty College Admissions Office at 1-855-MtMarty (686-2789) or email mmcadmit@mtmc.edu. Leadership courses offered this fall can be found under academic course schedules at www.mtmc.edu.