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Sunday Gregorian Club Foreign Film: The Secret in Their Eyes

Published Date10\26\2011
Mount Marty College is pleased to announce the Sunday, October 30 Gregorian Club Foreign Film, “The Secret in Their Eyes.”

In 1999, retired Argentinian federal justice agent Benjamin Esposito is writing a novel, using an old closed case as the source material. That case is the brutal rape and murder of Liliana Coloto. In addition to seeing the extreme grief of the victim's husband, Ricardo Morales, Benjamin, his assistant, Pablo Sandoval, and newly hired department chief, Irene Menendez-Hastings, were personally affected by the case as Benjamin and Pablo tracked the killer which is the reason why the unsatisfactory ending to the case has always bothered him. Despite the department already having two other suspects, Benjamin and Pablo ultimately were certain that a man named Isidoro Gomez is the real killer. Although he is aware that historical accuracy is not paramount for the novel, the process of revisiting the case is more an issue of closure for him. He tries to speak to the key players in the case... Director: Juan Jose Campanella (2009)

Foreign film enthusiasts are invited to join Mount Marty College’s Gregorian Club for the free Sunday afternoon film showings. Films begin at 2:00 p.m. in the Scholastica Learning Center, Room 108 on the Mount Marty College campus.