News Release


Mount Marty College Awarded Highly Competitive Grant

Published Date4\19\2013
Mount Marty College was honored to learn recently that grant writers, Dr. Paul Anders, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Dr. Nicholas Shudak, Assistant Professor and Division Chair of Education were awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Enduring Questions grant. NEH grants are highly competitive and involve a rigorous review and selection process to ensure that the project represents the highest level of humanities research and public engagement. Nineteen Enduring Questions grants were awarded nationally. Only about eleven percent of proposals were selected for funding.

The Enduring Questions grant is intended to support the development of coursework across the humanities that allows students the opportunity to investigate fundamental issues regarding life in the human community. The Mount Marty course that will be supplemented by the grant is entitled, "What is Authority?" It concerns the nature, origins, and expressions of authority across political, cultural and religious contexts. Such concerns are issues affecting all of life and consequently, the enduring issues of authority span a great many disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and arts. This course will be available for students to enroll in during the spring 2014 and fall 2014 terms.

"We were extremely excited to learn that we were awarded this grant. I was first informed of our winning the grant through a phone call from Senator Tim Johnson's office," stated Dr. Anders. "We began the submission process for this nearly a year ago so it is great to see the end result be so positive. Being in an elite group of award recipients bolsters our proposal, as well as brings national recognition and a wonderful opportunity to the Mount Marty College community."

According to Dr. Shudak, "The grant represents how Mount Marty College lives its mission as an academic and liberal arts institution. In order to make this happen, lots of academic border crossing had to occur."

For more information on the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Enduring Questions grant visit www.neh.gov/grants/education/enduring-questions and contact Dr. Paul Anders at paul.anders@mtmc.edu or 605-668-1494 for specific information on the Mount Marty College award.