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Bede Art Gallery Announces Paul Peterson Exhibit and 2013-14 Schedule

Published Date8\29\2013
Mount Marty College Bede Art Gallery is hosting artist Paul Peterson and his oil paintings entitled, "Oscillating Landscapes", that will be on display through September 27th. A free reception and gallery talk is scheduled for September 27th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM and open to the public.

Peterson is a South Dakota artist who lives and works in Sturgis. He has recently completed a series of oil paintings for a show at the South Dakota Art Museum as part of the South Dakota Artist Series. Growing up on a farm in southeastern South Dakota gave Peterson an intimate understanding of rural life and a unique perspective as an artist. Viewers of his recent body of work will not only perceive a sense of place but will also experience the complicated and sometimes contradictory feelings many rural residents experience over their lifetimes. The paintings are colorful, emotionally autobiographical and reflect the artist's feeling of connection to the land.

Following the Paul Peterson exhibit, the 2013-14 Bede Art Gallery will host:

  • Sept. 30-Nov. 22 Nancy Losacker and Norma Wilson, "Rivers, Birds, and Sky"
  • Nov. 25-Dec. 13 Mount Marty College Student Art Show
  • Jan. 6-Jan. 31 Jeff Ballard, "Defining Purpose" Acrylic Paintings
  • Feb. 3-March 28 John Banasiak and Students of USD, "An Exploration of the 19th Century Kallitype Process of Sir John Herschel"
  • March 31-April 18 Pat James, "From the Hills of Boyd County" Photo - Constructions
  • April 21-May 2 Mount Marty College Student Art Show
  • May 12-May 30 Paul Kaloper, "Souvenirs" Screen Prints

The hours for the Bede Gallery Art Gallery are 8 AM to 8 PM daily and it is located in the lobby of the Marian Auditorium.

For more information please visit www.mtmc.edu/arts/bede.aspx or contact Director, David Kahle, at 605-668-1574 or david.kahle@mtmc.edu.