My Network Drive

The My Network drive space is provided to you when you acquire MMC IDt. Your personal netshare drive is accessible from any computer on or off campus and is backed up monthly to prevent loss of data in the event of serious disaster only. Your personal netshare is not only an easy way to access your files, it is also the best way to keep your files safe.

Faculty and Staff can access files stored on the Network drive when working from home or away from the office. This is done by setting up your My Documents folder to be available offline, which automatically creates a copy of the network files on your computer. When you disconnect from the network, you normally lose the ability to access any files stored on the network. But with offline files, you can disconnect from the network and still have copies of all the network files you have made available offline.

If you are working offline and make changes to offline files from a network folder, Windows will automatically sync any changes you made to the files the next time you connect to that network folder. Anytime you re-connect to that network folder, Windows will sync the files between your computer and the network folder. You can also sync them manually at any time.

The ITSS department has configured the work offline resource thru group policy and the feature will automatically be active on your PC.

Logging on to the LancerLink also gains access to your My Network Drive NetShare. To edit or copy files and folders just select the Pagee tab with in Internet Explorer and select Open FTP site in Windows Explorer.

Windows 7

The steps below are a one time set up to connect to your perseonal netshare from off-campus on a Windows 7 computer:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Click on Computer.
  3. Click on Map Network Drive.
  4. Click on Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures, then click on the Next button.
  5. Click on Choose a custom network location, then click on the Next button.
  6. In the Internet or network address box, type ftp://mynetworkdrive.mtmc.edu then click on Next.
  7. Enter your MMC ID Account username and password.
  8. Type a descriptive name for the network place (for example "smithm" or "Mary Smith's M Drive"). This name will become a shortcut to the netshare in the Computer window.
  9. Click on the Next button, then the Finish button.
  10. The netshare window will open and may prompt you to log in again. If it does, enter your MMC ID Account username and password, and the contents of the netshare will be displayed.

The next time you want to connect to the netshare, open Computer and double-click on the shortcut you created and log in.

From a Mac with OS X (on or off campus):
  1. Click on the Go menu, then Connect to Server.
  2. In the Server Address box, type ftp://mynetworkdrive.mtmc.edu .
  3. Click on Connect. You will be prompted to log in. Enter your MMC ID Account username and password, then click on OK. Your personal netshare will open and appear on the Desktop.

Modifying Netshare Files

Editing an existing file once connected to your personal netshare
  1. Click and drag the file from your netshare folder to the Desktop to create a copy on the Desktop.
  2. Open the file from the Desktop, make your edits, then save and close the file.
  3. Click and drag the file from the Desktop back to your netshare folder. If you are prompted to replace the existing file, click on Yes.
Creating a new file and adding it your personal netshare:
  1. Create a new file in any application.
  2. Save the new file to the Desktop and close the file.
  3. Click and drag the file from the Desktop to your netshare folder.
To delete a document from your netshare Drive:

Click on it once with your mouse to highlight it, and hit the Delete key on your keyboard or right-click on the document and choose Delete.