Women in Science

Throughout history women have been under-represented in science and math-related fields. Although women make up nearly half the workforce, they hold fewer than 25 percent of jobs in these technological fields.

Designed exclusively for eighth grade girls, this conference aims to stimulate the interest of young women to explore science and technology careers. This educational experience promotes positive images among young women at a time when they are just beginning to explore their career possibilities. The goal is to make eighth grade girls more aware of these nontraditional career paths and to encourage them to pursue the math and science courses needed to prepare for careers in these fields.

Participants will attend presentations and experience hands-on activities. They will make personal contacts and visit one-on-one with professional women who work in technical fields ranging from doctors, nurses, anesthetists and microbiologists to engineers, archeologists, CSI specialists, dentists, meteorologists, veterinarians, EMS personnel, molecular biologists and others.

For more information, please contact:
The MMC Admissions Office | (605) 668-1545 | mmcadmit@mtmc.edu

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