Refund Policy

Once registered, students assume the responsibility for the payment of all tuition and fees. If your plans have changed and you need to drop a class or withdraw from college, you need to complete the proper paperwork with the College. Students wishing to withdraw from a course must complete a drop/add form with their advisor. Students wishing to withdraw from all of their courses must complete the necessary paperwork with the Director of Student Advising. Tuition and/or fee refunds are based on the day the necessary paperwork is completed.

    The tuition refund policy for the fall and spring semesters is as follows:
  • 100% Tuition refund for courses dropped within the first week of classes.
  • 60% Tuition refund for courses dropped within the second week of classes.
  • No refunds will be made for courses dropped after the second week of classes.
  • Fees are nonrefundable once classes begin.
  • The refund for room and board is determined according to the number of weeks the student has been in residence, with partial weeks counted as full weeks.
Please Note
If you have received federal grants and/or loans to pay for your costs of attending the College, and withdraw within the first 60% of the semester, you may be required to return all or a portion of the federal funds you received according to federal regulations. This may cause you to owe a repayment to the federal government or to the College. Please refer to the Mount Marty College Catalog for more information.