Off-Campus Housing Form

As a residential college, Mount Marty College believes that education is not confined to the academic classroom. Rather, liberal learning is enhanced through the sense of community, which occurs when students live and study on campus. The college is committed to establishing the continuity between intellectual and residential life. Living on campus contributes to the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth of the individual as well as to the other students who compose that living unit.

Statistics show that the satisfaction rating regarding student's college experience is higher among graduates that lived on campus than those who resided off campus. The cost for providing housing and food service to students is kept lower for all students when all students live in the residence halls. Mount Marty College is very proud of the campus community that is built around its mission and values. Mount Marty College, an academic community in the Catholic, Benedictine liberal arts tradition, prepares students for a contemporary world of work, service to the human community, and personal growth. The College believes the residency policy is an integral part of fulfilling this mission.

The College requires matriculating undergraduate students under the age of 24 (prior to the first day of the semester) to live in the residence halls.

Students who are twenty-one years of age prior to the first day of classes for the academic year (sorry, no exceptions) and commuter students living locally (within a 30-mile radius) with their parents (or legal guardian) will be allowed to file for an automatic exemption with a 26% reduction in institutional financial aid. Students who are twenty-four years of age, married, veterans or responsible for the care of dependents are exempt from the On-Campus Residency Requirement. However, the student still must notify the Student Affairs Office that they are taking the automatic exemption. The exemption must exist PRIOR to the start of the semester that the student wishes to live off campus.

Download: Off-Campus Housing Form