Campus Safety

Campus personnel, buildings and grounds are protected by MMC safety officers. Their services include all night survey of the campus; concern for the safety and protection of all personnel, investigating and reporting fire, safety and environmental hazards, open and/or broken windows and doors, property damage, building and campus lighting, law violations, violations of college regulations on college property, and motor vehicle violations. Safety officers may ask for IDs, and they deserve full cooperation of all community members in the exercise of their responsibilities. Members of the safety staff may detain an individual for questioning by the police. All members of the college community are encouraged to promptly report campus crime to campus security and appropriate police agencies.

Campus safety personnel report to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at (605) 668-1619. Campus safety personnel may contact the Yankton Police and other public services for assistance.

Safety Services
Campus buildings are locked at night by Campus Safety or Residence Life. Residence hall doors are locked at midnight. Anyone who is leaving the residence halls or other campus building after closing hours should secure the doors. Students must not prop open doors or admit unauthorized or uninvited persons into the residence halls or other building after closing hours. All hall residents are responsible for locking the doors to their own room.

Any maintenance deficiencies which may compromise building security or campus safety should be reported to the Director of Facilities, (phone (605) 668-1500) during the day or Campus Safety at night.

Security Escort
An escort is provided on campus during the hours Campus Safety is on duty. Students who are interested in requesting this service may call Campus Safety by dialing (9) 661-9883 from a campus telephone. A staff member will meet you and walk with you to or from a location on campus.

Security Programs
During the school year the College encourages college community members to be alert to crime prevention, campus security, and to be responsible for their own security and assist with the security of others. Programs are presented during new student orientation and are ongoing in the residence halls, campus forums, and college publications.

Police/Emergency | (9) 911
Crisis Hotline | (9) 665-4606 or (800) 765-3382
Campus Safety | (9) 661-9883

Campus Crime Statistics

2015 Annual Security Report - Yankton Campus