Benedictine Leadership Institute


The best college experience develops both the heart and mind. St. Benedict asks us to “listen carefully… with the ear of your heart.” At Mount Marty, you’ll be guided by his words as you focus on seeking to understand the world and your place in it. You’ll explore the lessons in life’s peaks and valleys — including journeys to the Grand Canyon and the Rockies with your classmates — and participate in leadership retreats with great thinkers and scholars.

Explore life's questions and find your purpose.

Our mission is to develop leaders who serve the common good by practicing ethical decision-making values rooted in the sacredness of the human person and all God’s creation.

Throughout your time at Mount Marty, you will have life-altering experiences that will help you explore who you are and how you can impact the world. Each year, you’ll be part of a Benedictine Leadership course that focuses on how you reflect on your values and develop your potential. Some courses will be paired with an out-of-the-classroom experience. You’ll explore the lessons in life’s peaks and valleys through trips to the Grand Canyon and the Rockies, give back through community service projects and complete a Benedictine capstone project.

You’ll learn how to be a leader and serve others in your future career through internships that give you the chance to analyze and define how you live your values in your chosen major. You will also understand the role you play in promoting diversity and social justice within your community.

Why Now?

Now, perhaps more than ever, the world needs ethical leaders who can think critically and make tough decisions by listening with their ears as well as their hearts. Leaders who are educated in the theory and practice of the Benedictine values of community, hospitality, life-long learning, and awareness of God. Leaders who will move an organization forward through vision, virtue, and value. That’s why it’s so important that you leave Mount Marty confident to take on a life of service and leadership.








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“The Benedictine Leadership Institute is a unique experience unlike what you will find at other colleges. It’s all about helping you become the best possible version of yourself, and I am so inspired to see how Mount Marty men and women are ready to take on their world.”

Joe Rutten - Director, Benedictine Leadership Institute