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The ITSS Help Desk is a focal point for computing needs for Mount Marty College. Our goal is to provide users with up-to-date information on common technical problems in a courteous and efficient manner. On this website you can find links for web-based tasks, common help topics, ways to protect and maintain your computer, our College computing policies, and much more. Please bookmark this website to keep up to date on the latest computing news at Mount Marty College.

Contact Information

Location: Bede 116A (Bede Hall First Floor by the chapel south entrance)
Phone: 605-668-1561

Open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday CLOSED

The ITSS Helpdesk can repair and assist all faculty, staff computer equipment that is currently owned by Mount Marty College and we provide computer diagnosis and repair services for leased laptop computers used by currently enrolled students.

Please have the following information ready: Your Mount Marty ID card
A phone number where you can be reached.
The nature of your problem.
What are you trying to accomplish? What exactly is happening (or not happening)?
Make a note of any error message you receive.

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) is the integral resource for information technology on the Mount Marty campus and is responsible for providing modern, user friendly, technology services to the Mount Marty campus community and visitors through its resources: Application Development, Computing Systems, Customer Technical Support, Infrastructure Networking, and ITSS Security.

IT Goals are:

  • To provide a safe, stable, reliable, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.
  • Keep Mount Marty at the forefront of technology and communications.
  • Provide excellent service.
  • Positively and proactively respond to change.
  • To make your electronic visit to Mount Marty both informative and enjoyable.

Application Development

The ITSS Team is a key element in the overall mission of the Mount Marty Campus. This team works closely with individual colleges, executive management, administrative staff and external consultants to provide applications and support services necessary in today's academic environment.

These applications include the Datatel Colleague as well as applications developed to interface with Datatel, including Data-Mart utilities that are used to securely publish information to web services and to develop portal applications.

The academic community requires the latest and most productive computing capabilities available. Consequently, the ITSS department continually integrates new technology when developing systems and incorporates new technologies into its support for existing systems. In the past, new technologies have included migrating to web based application interfaces and network admission control posturing..

Computing Systems

ITSS resources that are used throughout the Yankton, Sioux Falls and Watertown campus's include application-specific, clustered, and development computing servers. The ITSS staff maintains the campus administrative databases, email system and web services.

Customer Technical Support

The ITSS Helpdesk provides computing services for students, faculty and staff. This support includes but is not limited to desktop computers, laptops, printers, smart phones, and PDA’s that have been either purchased or leased by Mount Marty. Helpdesk services are provided to assist users with up-to-date information on technical problems. Users can call, visit or create a online support t6icket for assistance.

Infrastructure (Networking)

The Mount Marty ITSS department installs, manages, maintains, and coordinates all aspects of networking for all three Mount Marty Campuses. Such services include Internet access, network installation, moves, repairs, monitoring, and system updates.

IT Security

IT Security activities focus on the availability, confidentiality and integrity of systems and data across all of the Mount Marty locations. Our primary mission is to maintain and improve our risk-based security management system. Security is a responsibility of everyone at Mount Marty.


Paul Lammers
Director of Information Support Services
Email Address: plammers@mtmc.edu
Office Location: Bede Hall -116D
Phone Number: 605-668-1544

Ramona Schroeter
Educational Technology Specialist
Email Address: ramona.schroeter@mtmc.edu
Office Location: Bede Hall -116A
Phone Number: 605-668-1559

Jay Scoblic
IT Administrator
Email Address: jscoblic@mtmc.edu
Office Location: Bede Hall -116C
Phone Number: 605-668-1359

Kristi Tacke
Media Relations Director
Email Address: kristi.tacke@mtmc.edu
Office Location: Bede Hall -222
Phone Number: 605-668-1526

Mailing Address and Main Phone/Fax Numbers
Mount Marty College
Department of Information Technology
1105 West 8th Street
Yankton, SD 57078-3725

Phone:(605) 668-1545
Fax: (605) 668-1508