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Yankton Campus
1105 West 8th Street
Yankton, SD 57078-3725

Phone:(605) 668-1545
Fax: (605) 668-1508

Sioux Falls Location
5001 West 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-1424

Phone: (605) 362-0100
Fax: (605) 362-5706

Watertown Location
3100 9th Ave SW
Watertown, SD 57201-6385

Phone: (605) 668-3964
Local: (605) 886-6777
Fax: (605) 668-1618

The directory contains public information on current Students, Faculty and Staff. Data in this directory is updated automatically. Student listings are updated from the Office of the Registrar. Faculty and Staff listings are updated from Human Resources Services. Every effort has been made to make the contents of this Directory as up-to-date as possible. However, keep in mind that the publishers cannot and do not guarantee or assume responsibility for the following:
  • the complete accuracy of all the information found in the directory,
  • the complete absence of errors or omissions,
  • the presence of any unintentional directory entries.

For more information about this directory, please see the links below which includes directory standards and ways to search with examples.

Copyright Information
The contents of this Directory are copyrighted by Mount Marty. By using the Directory, you agree that you will not reproduce, sell, transfer, or modify any of the information found in response to your search requests or use any such information for commercial purposes, without the prior express written permission and license of Mount Marty. Unauthorized use and/or abuse is subject to criminal prosecution under both state and federal laws.

This online directory service is provided by Mount Marty to facilitate the research, teaching, learning, and service missions of the College community. Solicitation on College computing and network resources is prohibited by the Rules and Regulations of Mount Marty Board of Trustees. Accordingly, the contact information provided in this online directory service may not be used for transmission and distribution of unsolicited e-mail or other commercial purposes.

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Privacy Information
Student information provided in the Directory is based upon publicly available information and comes from the Office of the Registrar. Students may request that their own information not be released by the College.

Faculty and staff information provided in the Directory is also based upon publicly available information and comes from Human Resources Services (HRS). Faculty and staff members may request that some of their own information not be released by the College.If you find any of your information to be incorrect please complete a Request for Name or Address Change form. If you wish to mark any information as private please complete the following FERPA Non-Disclosure form. Please return completed forms to Office of the Registrar, Mount Marty, 1105 West 8th Street, Yankton , South Dakota 57078-3724.

Systems Configuration LDAP 2.2.x - An open source Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server Microsoft Active Directory for Windows 2005 Server and Microsoft SQL 2003 Server Professional edition. Two machines serve as directory servers running as a cluster. Queries coming in from the web are processed accordingly depending on the type of search performed.

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Directory Standards
This Directory stores each person's record in a "flat and wide" schema and not an organizational structure. Access Control Lists are used to restrict access and visibility to records and attributes of students, faculty and staff who have requested such restrictions. The information in this Directory is updated only by an extract service from the Enterprise Directory and contains only information approved for public release.

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Quick Search
The most basic way to perform a search is to use the "Quick Search Section. Ppartially type in a person's name three characters is a minimum requirement. in the search box and then hit the 'Submit' button. Queries are not case-sensitive. The Directory will attempt to match what you type with data that exists in the directory and display a list of relevant results.

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Advanced Search
The needs of most user's will be met through a quick search. However, advanced searches may also be performed allowing user's to employ an array of more sophisticated directory features by entering the first and last name.

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