Great Plains Writers' Tour: Film Series

March 14, 2017

Students and community members are invited to Mount Marty College (MMC) on March 14 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Marian Auditorium for the Great Plains Writers’ Tour and Wednesday, March 15 at 10 AM in Marian Auditorium for the workshop "How a Film Happens"--both featuring writer and film director Jim Daniels. Established in 2007, the Great Plains Writers’ Tour explores various elements of the arts and humanities, including poetry, prose presentations, and storytelling.

“The film series allows students and also people in the community interested in writing and filmmaking to visit the campus and learn more about a particular genre — to meet, ask questions and get feedback from an award-winning author,” says Jim Reese, MMC professor of English and Great Plains Writers’ Tour director.

This year’s tour will feature Jim Daniels presenting on his many books of poetry as well as his experience in writing for the film The End of Blessings.  

“The interest in writing and meeting authors continues to grow here in Yankton,” Reese says. “This is just one more component of how Mount Marty encourages growth and lifelong learning.”

To learn more about the Great Plains Writers’ Tour, please contact Jim Reese at