MMC Enrollment Numbers See Rise

October 8, 2017

By Reilly Biel - Yankton Press & Dakotan Reporter

BannersMount Marty College’s (MMC) latest enrollment numbers are showing a positive sign of growth.

Accordidng to MMC dean of enrollment Stephanie Moser, MMC’s Yankton campus has more than 100 freshman students — a threshol the school has been trying to reach for several years now.

"There are eight more freshmen here on campus this fall than last fall," she told the Press & Dakotan. "On top of that, we’re up 64 percent on transfers (16 students)."

In total, 530 students are enrolled at the Yankton campus this fall — 12 more than fall 2016.

Things are also looking up at the MMC Sioux Falls campus for the nurse anesthesia program. Additional office space was recently added at the grounds to make room for more faculty that will be hired. The program also recently celebrated 75 years.

That campus currently has 100 enrolled students, a tad better than the 99 enrolled last fall.

Meanwhile, Moser acknowledged that the Watertown campus numbers have flattened, with the 109 students enrolled there being 10 less than last year’s numbers.

"We moved our campus site location a couple years ago, so we’re more outside of town than we’d like," she said. "We’re also looking at our curriculum to see if we need to refresh what we’re doing up there."

Offering more online classes or shorter, eight-week courses are options, she said.

"We feel we fit Watertown well and think we’re a great opportunity for (Watertown) to have, so that students that start at Lake Area Tech can transfer to Mount Marty to finish their four-year degree," she said.

In total, MMC has 739 students enrolled this fall, three more than last year.

As for Yankton campus, Moser attributes the enrollment growth to MMC working more closely with potential students.

"We really looked at, and tweaked, a couple things, like how we communicated with students and how we worked with our enrollment counselors to get to know their students and help (students) transition through this process," she explained. "Service is one of our core values, so we tried to see how we could be a service to students in making sure that we help them along the path from enquiring into colleges to narrowing their list down to being admitted to becoming a college student."

MMC also focused more on having campus tours, and it renovated its front offices in Roncalli this past summer, which involved new paint, carpet and a chalkboard wall visitors can sign.

Partnerships MMC have formed with organizations such as the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex, the Yankton School District and Northeast Community College of Norfolk, Nebraska, will only help them further, Moser said.

"Last year, we announced we partnered with NFAA to add archery as a collegiate sport," she said. "We’re working with the NFAA on how to find more students looking for a collegiate archery program. When we attended the Las Vegas shoot last year, we were amazed at the number of people we talked to. We just had a family from Massachusetts on campus because of collegiate archery."

Drawing in people from more areas of the country has also been on the rise. While a majority of the students come from South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa, the Yankton campus is comprised of students from 19 different states.

The growing numbers have also impacted MMC’s discussion of housing. Whitby, the men’s residence hall, currently only has a few spare bedrooms, Moser said.

"We’re having those conversations on when, where and at what point to add more housing," she added.

MMC has also been working to offer more scholarships to become more affordable, which has also helped in the last year, she said...

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