Krogh, Dr. Mary Anne

Krogh, Dr. Mary Anne
Title: Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences
Department: Nursing
Office: Yankton ASNC - Room # 225
Phone: 605-668-1206

Dr. Mary Anne Krogh has been a nurse anesthetist since 1995. She currently lives in Sioux Falls, SD. In summer 2018, she accepted the position of Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences at Mount Marty College. Previous to this position, she served as the Program & Clinical Director for the Nurse Anesthesia program. Prior to moving to Sioux Falls in 2011, Mary Anne was the Associate Director of the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and a staff CRNA at North Memorial Medical Center. 

Dr. Krogh earned her nursing degree from South Dakota State University and her Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from St. Mary's University/Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. She earned her PhD in Nursing from South Dakota State University, where her research focused on the psychometric impact of adding alternative item types to the National Certification Examination for Nurse Anesthetists. In 2015, Dr. Krogh was selected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing.

Dr. Krogh has been active with the certification and recertification of nurse anesthetists through her work with the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) since 2003. Through this association, she has chaired two Task Forces charged with the development of innovative items for the National Certification Examination and development of a Non-Surgical Pain Specialty Certification program, served as an item writer and chair of committees, and held various leadership roles on the NBCRNA Board of Directors, including President from 2010-2012. Currently, Dr. Krogh is serving as Chair of the Non-Surgical Pain Management Committee and is active in helping to formulate a professional practice analysis for a new recertification program for nurse anesthetists. Her dissertation work arose from the development of the innovative items for the certifying examination.