Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists (sometimes referred to as Medical Technologists) apply the latest laboratory technologies to analyzing clinical samples (blood, tissue, microbial) helping physicians diagnose illness and provide treatment.  This is a dynamic and technically demanding field for those interested in the laboratory side of health care.

The Medical Laboratory Science program consists of three years of pre-clinical preparation followed by a one year internship experience in an accredited clinical laboratory. After successful completion of the internship year, students graduate from Mount Marty with a Bachelor of Science degree in MLS.  Successful passage of a national certification exam upon completing the internship is generally required for employment.

Mount Marty College provides students in the MLS program with a strong background in the fundamental chemistry and biology concepts required for success in this field. Mount Marty coursework includes organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical analysis, statistics, human anatomy and physiology, cell biology, microbiology, and immunology.  The clinical internship will translate the concepts learned in these courses to the instruments and techniques used in the laboratory to identify disease.  While pursing their degree, students will develop an in depth knowledge of the field and become competent in the use of current technologies.