The English program is ideal for students who like to read, write, and think critically and creatively. The English major is for people who are curious about what it means to be human and are concerned about the increasingly complex moral issues that confront human society. And, the English major is for those who want to make all these interests part of their lives and their professions. English majors want to make a difference, to have an impact on the world.

Designed to develop graduates who think creatively and critically and who communicate well, the English major is an excellent foundation for the future lawyer, doctor, business executive, librarian, social worker, or teacher. Combined with appropriate minors, it is a sound preparation for careers in television, radio, journalism, advertising, public relations, public service, merchandising, and computer programming.

Graduates of the Mount Marty College English program are found today in most of these fields. They have been supported in their career development by faculty who take pride not only in offering an excellent academic program but also in seeing that each graduate is well positioned in graduate study or a career.

English majors will choose to concentrate on courses in composition and language or in literature. Composition and language involves the study of history and structure of English, different dialects, literary styles, phonetics and rhetoric, and courses in expository writings as well as fiction, poetry, and technical writing. The literature concentration focuses on literature courses, British and American literature, and drama, mythology, and poetry.

In order to teach English in secondary schools, the requirement for teacher certification will need to be completed. Through a cooperative program with the University of South Dakota, students accepted for a Master's degree program in English at the University may complete up to 50 percent of their course work in approved courses at Mount Marty College.