Forensic Science

The Mount Marty College Forensic Science program will provide students with the background necessary to become practitioners in the forensic science field. The program in Forensic Science provides students with a unique opportunity to apply science to the law as preparation for a variety of careers.

While pursuing a degree in forensic science, students develop an in-depth knowledge of forensic biology and criminal justice, as well as become competent in the use of current molecular technology. Forensic Science is the application of scientific methods and process to matters involving crime.

The program at Mount Marty College focuses on forensic biology, the discipline that uses biology to explore criminal activity. Graduates are prepared to work in a crime laboratory or as a crime scene investigator. Students learn a range of skills, including the basics of analyzing DNA, fiber, hair, and fingerprints. They develop an understanding of the physical nature of wounds and body positions, which provide clues concerning circumstances related to death.

Students learn how the criminal justice system works and gain insight into criminal investigations. The program emphasizes community service, internships, and practitioner mentoring. Mount Marty College's program is unique with a strong emphasis on applied learning and preparing students for the contemporary world of work.

Forensic science majors work closely with programs in science, criminal justice, psychology, and behavioral science. These disciplines develop insight into human behavior essential to a forensic science professional.

Forensic science majors learn how scientific applications are applied to investigations and how the criminal justice system works concerning corrections, juvenile justice, chemical dependency, legal writing, and security administration. All classes are taught by professors who are committed to knowing their students and to helping them grow personally and professionally.

One of the biggest benefits at Mount Marty College is the individualized attention and opportunity to work closely with faculty members both in and out of the classroom. The Forensic Science program is an interdisciplinary program based on scientific inquiry. Students are assisted in choosing a suitable career by providing individual advising in both Forensic Science and Criminal Justice.

Forensic Science majors are required to complete a primary research experience and an internship program. The internship is a clinical experience, which allows students an opportunity to develop skills in order to function as members of an interdisciplinary science and criminal justice profession. Placement in internship programs will be coordinated with the student and the Forensic Science and Criminal Justice advisors.