Human Service

In line with the mission of Mount Marty College, the human service major offers each student a liberal arts major that prepares them for the contemporary world of work, service to the human community and personal growth. The human service major fosters sociological and psychological insight into human behavior and how to apply it to careers in the helping profession. Human behavior is looked at from a variety of different perspectives with a multidisciplinary approach. Career options for human service majors include such areas as human service agencies, community service organizations, public relations, human resources and working in group homes.

The human service major helps each student meet the following objectives:
  • Gain a broad theoretical basis in understanding and explaining human behavior from a psychological and sociological perspective.
  • Understand and apply different research methods to the study of human behavior.
  • Become aware of ethical issues related to research and social behavior.
  • Prepare for employment in the human services.
  • Understand applications of human service principles in everyday life.
To show the attainment of the objectives each student who completes the major will show the following outcomes:
  • Explain behavior using different psychological and sociological theories.
  • Use library resources to conduct literature searches.
  • Understand research articles in the different areas of human service.
  • Conduct a research study and develop an applied research project.
  • Write in APA style.
  • Develop experience and exposure to areas of human service and its applications.
The student will be assessed in the following ways:
  • Successful completion of the required courses.
  • Successful completion of field service and internship experiences.
  • Completion of Senior Seminar and its required parts (senior research project, exam and exit interview).

The core courses represent the basic knowledge base in the human services. The elective courses represent the specific content areas of human services and prepare every student for careers in the areas of their specific interests.