Office of Admissions

Non-degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students are those individuals wishing to continue their education, but are not currenlty enrolling in a degree program. Also, students can take advantage of Pre-College Opportunities.

Unclassified Admission

Unclassified admission is reserved for applicants who wish to enroll for a limited number of credit hours, but do not wish to commit themselves to working toward a degree from Mount Marty College.  An application for unclassified admission must be completed before registration occurs. 

Students applying for unclassified admission are not required to submit transcripts in order to enroll in courses; however, some students may be required to submit transcripts upon request to verify pre-requisites for courses requiring pre-requisites.  Students registered as unclassified are not eligible for institutional or federal financial assistance.

Mount Marty College is under no obligation to grant a degree to any unclassified student until that student changes the acceptance status from unclassified to regular admission.  If regular admission is desired, the unclassified student must fulfill the admissions and degree requirements as they exist at the time of the application for regular admission.  After regular admission has been granted, credits earned while enrolled as an unclassified student may be considered for the fulfillment of the requirements of a degree. 

Pre-college Opportunities

In addition to the services we provide for our current college-level students, we also strive to be of service to students in the region who are still in high school. These opportunities include offering students an avenue to earn college credit while still in high school through our Dual Credit Program and a variety of athletic camp options.

We hope that you can take advantage of the opportunities here at Mount Marty College!