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Each year, the Mount Marty Alumni Assocation awards the following alumni awards:





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Congratulations to the 2018 Award Winners!

This year, the MMC Alumni Association presented six Alumni Awards at the Honored Classes Luncheon on Saturday, June 23.



The Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes a recent graduate (last 10 years) for demonstrating loyalty to MMC, involvement in Church and Civic activities, and the expression of the MMC mission in his or her life.  This year we have two recipients.  The first is Amy (Majeres) Bailey.  Amy decided to attend MMC because of a persuasive professor and persistent mother, and it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.  After graduating from the Mount in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts, Amy had the opportunity to work with a non-profit in Sioux Falls through the AmeriCorps program. When her time commitment with the program was through, she received a message from her old Lancer Cross Country co-captain and friend telling her to get back to the Mount because there was a perfect position available in the Marketing Department. Amy spent 5 years as MMC's Graphic Design Specialist and became completely immersed in both the MMC and Yankton communities. She got involved in any way she could, from serving on the hospitality committee and as Staff Senate chair, to joining various boards in the Yankton Community. She was recently a United Way LINC steering committee member, is currently the board president of Keep Yankton Beautiful, is an organizer for One Million Cups, serves on the Monastery Advisory Council, is involved with the Yankton Morning Optimist Club, assists Onward Yankton with their co-working space, and serves on the MMC Alumni Council. She and her husband, Jesse, shared the honor of being recognized as United Way of Greater Yankton's Volunteer of the Year in 2017, right before they were blessed with their son, Owen, in October. Amy works with the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB, while also growing her freelance graphic design business.  

The second recipient is Jesse Bailey.  Jesse arrived at Mount Marty College to follow his love of playing baseball. While he was enjoying Lancer athletics, he also found another love, service to the human community. It all began during his service learning experience at the Boys and Girls Club of Yankton. After spending time mentoring and working with the youth at the Club, he realized he had a strong passion for helping others and decided to pursue a degree in Human Services from the Mount.  Jesse graduated from MMC in 2016.  He is currently the director of Pathways Shelter for the Homeless, Yankton's homeless shelter. There, he and the Pathways team work to break the cycle of homelessness and help people with the resources, support, and tools needed to create a sustainable life for themselves. Outside of his work with Pathways, Jesse serves on the Yankton County Parents as Teachers board, is involved in the Yankton Morning Optimist Club, and was the 2017 United Way Spark president. He recently served on the United Way LINC Steering Committee, Keep Yankton Beautiful board, and the Food for Thought (Sack Pack) board. Jesse also co-leads Lewis & Clark Disc Golf, where he advises other communities on designing courses, provides clinics to youth, helps run the weekly recreational disc golf league, and organizes competitive tournaments. Maintaining a high level of community involvement is a little more complicated with the recent addition to their family but Jesse feels that it is important for Owen to learn about the value of sharing his time and talent with others.  



The Distinguished Service to Church and Community Award is given to an alumnus whom exhibits notable leadership abilities in service to their Church and/or community at the local, state, regional, or national level.  This year we have two recipients.  The first is Joanne (Wagner) Osnes.  She graduated from Mount Marty College in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She joined the Navy Nurse Corp and was stationed at National Naval Medical in Maryland until 1979 when she was honorably discharged at the rank of lieutenant.  After receiving her Master’s in 1981, Joni taught at MMC for a short time.  Joni and her husband John live in Rapid City where she is very active in her community.  She has been an active member of Our Lady of the Black Hills for over 30 years, and she was the Director of Education for 6 years.  Joni is the evangelization commission chair, a Pastoral Council member, the Vocations, Committee chair, and is on the Marriage prep team.  She also supports the Diocese of Rapid City by being on the Engaged Encounter team, and being board members for Casa Maria and of Immaculate Heart Hermitage.  Joni is currently employed at Our Lady of the Black Hills as the Adult Faith Formation Coordinator.  She helps to plan, coordinate and implement the adult faith formation activities, parish retreats, and promote vocation awareness.  Joni also was a hospice volunteer for many years.  She is a true supporter of Mount Marty, and is always looking to help.  She helps organize and promote alumni gatherings in the Black Hills area.  

The second recipient of the Distinguished Service to Church and Community Award is Gregory Wagner.  Greg joined the SD National Guard in 1989 right after graduating from high school.  Wagner worked for the Guard full-time as a heavy mobile equipment repairer at the Surface Equipment Maintenance Complex in Mitchell, SD.  He was a member of Mitchell’s Battery A unit.  Greg attended MMC and received his Bachelor’s degree of science in nursing in 1994.  After joining the Yankton unit, Greg was called to active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on June 13, 2005.  He was stationed in Iraq and assigned as Tanker Chief with the 3rd Platoon, 1st squad.  He was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  On May 8, 2006, Greg died in Iraq defending his country.  Greg’s HS principal stated, “His smile was reflective of how he enjoyed life and serving with those around him; Greg was proud to be an American soldier in the National Guard and believed in what he was doing.”  Chaplain Lynn Wilson reflected on Greg’s life in this way, “Greg’s focus was not on Greg Wagner, but in others.”  Wagner felt he was doing meaningful work in training Iraqi soldiers.  He and his unit, Charlie Battery ‘adopted’ an Iraqi family with three little girls, providing them with supplies, clothes and treats.  Soldiers who worked with Greg described him as “the man who liked to make them laugh and who helped them with problems, from work to homesickness.”  Greg received numerous military awards for his service.  Some include the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and the Army Commendation Medal.  One could not have asked for a truer friend than Greg.  His love for his friends was unprecedented.  There never was a time when Greg wouldn’t go out of his way to make everyone feel welcomed.  


The Distinguished Service to Mount Marty College Award is given to an alumnus whom is loyal to the Mission of the College, has shown continued interest and support, and reflects honor upon the school with his or her Christian lifestyle.  Carol (Brummels) Stewart is a pillar of Mount Marty College.  Since graduating with her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1995, she has been thoroughly connected to the College.  Carol has helped mold and shape Mount Marty’s future nurses for over nine years.  These classes range from sophomore clinical rotations all the way to senior capstone courses.  Carol also received her Master of Science in Nursing from Mount Marty College in 2013.  At a time when Carol could have turned her back on the College, she stood firmly behind her alma mater.  She helped the MSN program become what it is today, a strong program in high demand.  Carol has worked countless hours, and for the past few years has been the Family Nurse Practitioner Track Coordinator, MSN Clinical Coordinator, and Assistant Professor of Nursing.  While doing all this, she received her Doctorate of Nursing from the University of Mary this past May.  Carol’s support of Mount Marty does not end there.  She is in numerous committees, and attends and leads multiple workshops to better the College as a whole.  The MMC Graduate Council, Avera Liaison Committee, MMC Faculty Development, Women in Science Planning Committee, Next Steps Committee, the MMC Alumni Council and the MMC Academic Standards and Admissions Policy Committee just to name a few.  She also is very connected to her community and region by being part of the Avon Chamber of Commerce and multiple state associations.  Carol lives out the Mission every day by her determination to do her best for the students at MMC, striving and continuing to learn, and by giving so much of herself.  She has been in nursing for 23 years in a variety of areas.  Carol’s passion is teaching and rural healthcare, and bridging the gap between academics and practice.  


The Distinguished Professional Achievement Award is given to an alumnus whom consistently demonstrates leadership, competence, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to continued education in their chosen profession.  This year’s recipient is Javier Murguia.  Javier graduated from Mount Marty College in 2008 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science as well as two minors in Psychology and Sociology.  He became a correctional officer in Springfield, SD following graduation.  While working towards his Master’s Degree, he started working at the Yankton County jail.  A year later Javier became a police officer with the Yankton Police Department.  He completed his law enforcement certification in 2010.  In May of 2011, he received his Master of Science in Criminal Justice through the University of Cincinnati.  Throughout his time as a police officer, Javier continues to learn and grow.  He is an Advanced Accident Investigator and a Forensic Mapper.  He joined the Yankton Police Department’s Special Response Team (commonly known as SWAT) in 2012.  Javier is a certified Active Shooter Instructor and a Force on Force Scenario Instructor.  He was selected as the 2013-2014 VFW Officer of the Year.  Javier was promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant with the Yankton Police Department in October of 2015.  He also achieved the title of Special Response Team Commander at the same time.  He is the Patrol Training Officer evaluator and the firearms instructor for the Yankton Police Department as well as for the State of South Dakota.  In the summer of 2017, Javier was directly involved in the location and apprehension of an FBI top 10 fugitive, Lyle Jeffs.  Earlier this year, Javier was selected as the Lion’s Club Officer of the Year.  Since graduation Javier has been very involved at MMC as well.  He helped coach soccer for multiple years, and is currently the internship supervisor.  He is helping to develop a critical incident response plan for Mount Marty College.  Javier has been a guest speaker and actively participates in career events on campus.  Javier and his wife Jennifer welcomed their first son Marco this past October.  Javier is a true hero for the Yankton community.  The countless hours he spends making Yankton a safer place is irreplaceable. 

2017 Jesse Bailey, Amy Majeres Bailey, Joanne Wagner Osnes, Greg Wagner, Carol Brummels Stewart, Javier Murguia
2016 Raelynn Coldwell, Frank “Bink” Crisler, Father Thomas Wordekemper, Sister Matthew Wehri, Shawn Gallagher
2015 Mary Pistulka
2014 Jill Orton, Deb Fischer-Clemens, Brock Sundall, S. Penny Bingham
2013 Dennis Heine
2012 Sister Candyce Chrystal, Dan Specht
2011 Deidre Flaherty, Jon Swegarden
2010 Sister Aidan Bourke, Norm Kunselman, Marilyn Pates
2008 Sister Patricia Heirigs, Marvin Veasy, Francis G. Tramp, Dagen Valentine
2007 Sister Cynthia Binder, Phyllis Kneifl Getz, Janet Holzman Beattie, Corey Wittrock
2006 Mary Elizabeth Eisenman Carson, Rev. David Korth, Kayleen Tyrrell Lee, Dr. James Dufek, Nathan V. Johnson
2005 Mary Lois Hunhoff Gibson, S. Ramona Fallon, Dr. Janet Serie, Bernadette Standaert Obert, Doris Parisien Fiedler
2004 Christine Lang Pharr, Carol Kippes Pistulka, S. Marcine Quintus, Gene & Angela Holmes Elder
2003 Alice Jensen Hoesing, Shirley Skrdla Musich, S. Consuelo Chavez, Jason Pistulka
2002 Carol Schmitt Bennett-Dorsey, Myrna Brennick, Denise Proctor, Theresa Swier
2001 Frances Murray Flaherty, Suzanne Reisch Dufek, Marilyn Van Gerpen Ter Maat, S. Kara Payer
2000 George Munn, Marian Dendinger Pyper, Ruth Kornely, Tom Buckmiller

1999 Charles Stastny, Janet Holzman Beattie, Kelly Heller
1998 Rosaleen Doom Krames, Cheryl Commers Hanks, Kayleen Jorgensen Deacon, Scott Swier
1997 Lucille Kribell O'Connor, Kathryn O'Leary Higgins, Norma German Doyle, Dave Abbott
1996 Dr. Mary Shon, S. Jacquelyn Ernster, Alice Baumberger Gannon, Tim Dingman
1995 Kent Lethcoe, Alice Jensen Hoesing, Kathleen Spitzenberger Roehl, Dorothy Stoll
1994 S. Marie Helen Werdel, Barbara Hickey Kramer, Christine Lang Pharr, Michelle Peak
1993 Thomas K. Harmon, Nancy Werner, Brigid Flanagan, David Allen Lyons
1992 Jolene Schwarz Sokol, David Knips, David Fletcher, Michael Klimisch
1991 Joan Rossiter Burney, S. Inez Welchert, S. Adrienne Kaufmann, Matthew Dvorak
1990 S. Mary Arthur Schramm, JoAnn Stransky Thistlewood, Mary Alice Lacey Feltham, Fran Davey Hassler

1989 S. Virgil Koch, Kay Johnson Deacon, Frances Biegelmeier Lowenstein, Sue Boyum Ressler
1988 Arliss Johnson, Joy Hentges Jenkins, S. Rosalie Sitzmann, Br. Nick Feyerisen
1987 Jess Wolf, Donna Meirose, S. Rosaria Kranz (deceased), John Glidden
1986 S. Roswitha Zavadil (deceased), S. Harriet Gobel, Kathleen Lahr Keller, Geri Weiland Loecker
1985 S. Rhoda Foecke (deceased), Norman Kunselman, Cecilia Rokusek, Gary Wagner, Katie O'Donnel Wagner, Terry Wensing, Pam Oberembt Wensing
1984 Adeline Andersen Morck (deceased), Connie Mentele Kass, Janice Joffer Thompson, Tim Glidden
1983 Paula Kertzman Tacke, Rev. Guy Gau, Mary Anne Post Rhomberg, Jeanne Pride Parker
1982 Bernard Hunhoff, Cleopha Fanslow Gumbinger, Viola Breen Bauder, James Dufek
1981 Ruth Landsberger Vickers, S. Kevin Irwin, S. Laurina Kaiser, Dan Wagner
1980 Francine Dold, Ceil Connelly (deceased), Gloria Tysl, Norman Kunselman

1979 Jeanette Dangel, Cecilia Rokusek
1978 S. Phyllis Hunhoff, Fred Ertz
1977 Kathleen Bouska, Dennis Fokken
1976 Florence Rossiter, Paula Kertzmann Tacke
1975 Rita Amberg Waldref
1974 S. Evangeline Anderson
1973 S. Julia Hunhoff
1972 S. Wilma Lyle