Alumni Outcome Questionnaire

Mount Marty College has some AMAZING graduate success stories to tell. We believe that our graduates offer the most compelling example of the value of an MMC education and the transformation that takes place for our students as they prepare for a career and life in general.


Graduate success stories provide perspective, motivation and inspiration for MMC faculty and staff, parents, prospective students and more! We also believe that they show prospective employers the positive results they can expect by hiring MMC graduates.

Because of this belief, we are entering into a dedicated campaign to find, collect and share more of our graduate success stories within not only our MMC community, but also with the public at large through dedicated outcomes publications, website profiles, video testimonials and more.

We hope that you will allow us to tell YOUR story

Using the form below, please share your story..
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Why did you initially choose MMC
For you, who was the most influential person at MMC..someone that had a direct positive impact on your life path? How did they make this impact?
What was the most memorable experience(s) that you had while at MMC? Your example(s) could be in relation to academics, athletics, fine arts, work experiences...whatever had an impact, led to an 'aha' moment or helped to define who you are today.
What is your greatest achievement(s) since leaving MMC?
How did you come to be in your current program/position?
How do you feel that MMC helped to prepare you for your current program/position/life in general?
What are your future career and/or personal goals?
What advice would you give to high school students beginning the college search process? Do you have specific advice for those considering MMC?
Please feel free to include any additional comments that you would like to share that are not covered by the above questions
Do you have photos, new articles and/or a resume that you could share with us?

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