"You are invited to
use your creative intuition
to enter into the heart
of the mystery of the Incarnate God
and at the same time into the mystery of man."
(Bl. Pope John Paul II, "Letter to Artists," 1999)
Building on Tradition . . . Transforming the Future
Here's few ways the department has improved in just two short years:
Upgraded Marian Auditorium, our main proscenium-style venue
Renovated the Bistro Second Stage
Upgraded our Costume Studio space with lighting and equipment
Upgraded our Scene Shop equipment

Theatre has the power to create a real, vicarious experience that audiences can use to gain wisdom about reality and about their lives. Theatre can clarify questions and test-drive answers. Theatre can reveal Truth in all its beauty, and error despite all its subtlety.

MMC's theatre program pledges to give you everything you need to create theatre after graduation. You'll be able to turn an idea into a script, and a script into characters, characters into a world and a world into an unforgettable experience that changes hearts. You'll be able to find the people who want to share your vision, and the resources to make it a reality.

We invite you to come to campus for a visit, see a show, audition and/or interview for a scholarship.

The theatre faculty and staff look forward to meeting you in the near future!

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