MMC Student Early Alert Referral

The Mount Marty College community is committed to the success, retention, academic progress and timely graduation of all students. The early alert referral will help provide a proactive, holistic approach to identifying concerns and connecting students to necessary resources. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to report any concerns that may arise with a student in and out of the classroom. This referral may be anonymous, however, faculty reporting an academic concern are asked to indicate their name and course. When a referral is made, a member of the MMC Care Team will reach out to the student. Advisors will also be notified of all academic concerns.

If you have any questions about the Early Alert Referral system, please contact Dr. Katie Harrell.

Early Alert Form

Primary Concern(s)*
Has the student indicated an intent to transfer or withdraw from MMC?
Can we inform the student you referred them?