Welcome to Lancer Nation!

We are honored and excited that you’ve chosen Mount Marty College. We want you to feel welcomed and prepared to succeed. Our entire college community is dedicated to ensuring that you have a memorable and valuable college experience.

By participating in New Student Orientation, students should be able to:

 •  Understand the academic expectations Mount Marty College

 •  Identify choices and behaviors that may impact their peers and their community

•  Know how to access information about campus resources that will help them to be successful inside the classroom

•  Know how to access information about co-curricular opportunities

•  Connect to faculty, administration, staff or a current student

•  Meet other new students and begin to identify a peer group

•  Feel prepared for their first week of classes

•  Feel connected to and pride for Mount Marty College

•  Identify social, cultural, and recreational opportunities and resources in the Yankton community

•  Have fun!

Freshmen Orientation is a three-day program that helps new students with their academic, personal, social and cultural transition into Mount Marty College and the Yankton community. When you arrive on campus, you will receive a handbook with a complete schedule and important information for getting your college career started on the right foot. New student orientation sessions are mandatory for you and optional for your family members.

The Transfer and Adult Learner Orientation is a mandatory one-day program on Thursday, August 24. Transfer and Adult Learner students are welcome and encouraged to attend any other orientation sessions offered on August 25-27.

Remember that you are not alone. All of us on campus — plus friends throughout the greater Yankton community — are excited to help you learn all you need to know about being a student at Mount Marty College, so feel free to ask questions as you discover your place in Yankton.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Willcockson, Director of Student Activities, at lisa.willcockson@mtmc.edu or (605) 668-1302.

New Student Orientation Schedule for Freshmen

New Student Orientation for Adult/Transfer Students